December 09, 2011


Merche Trujillo Callealta known as Merche is a Spanish singer, songwriter, producer and arranger from Cadiz. Her albums has been sold over 500.000 copies. 

She has studied music in her home town, later she has worked as a secretary translating the naval contracts. At the same time she composed and worked in an orchestra called Bahía Azul. 

In 2002 Merches first album "Mi sueño" ("My dream"). Now her five albums have been released.

Check also: "Dos extraños"" ("Two strangers"), Bombon ("Marshmallow"), No Puede Ser ("Cannot Be"), No lo olvido ("I don't forget"), Si tu me llamas ("If you call me").

Ohohoh Ohohoh Ohh!
Cerraré las puertas si te marchas
No me pidas comprensión
Busca lo que te hace tanta falta
No lo debo tener yo
He sido tu amiga companera y tu amante de ocasión
Y ahora me confiesas que quisieras
Encontrar un buen amor
Solo me usaste y yo te lo di todo
Pues ve sabiendo que...

*Si te marchas no me llames cuando estes perdido
Si te marchas no te olvides borrar mi camino
Si te marchas nada de repartir los amigos
Si te marchas ya jamás tengo nada contigo *
Ohohoh Ohohoh Ohh!
Y visto lo visto no me amaste
Solo fui tu distracción
Con la boca abierta me dejaste
Al oirlo de tu voz
¿Cómo me enganas así de este modo?
Pues ve sabiendo que...

*Si te marchas.. *


Ohohoh Ohohoh Ohh! 

I close the doors if you go away
Don't ask for understanding
Seek what you need so badly
It doesn't have to bee something in me
I've been your friend, your companion
And the lover of the moment
And now you confess that you want 
To find a good love
You used me and i say it all to you
Well go then but knowing that...

*If you go away
Don't call me when you are lost
If you go away
Don't forget to erase my path from your memory
If you go away
There is no classification that would say we are friends
If you go away
I have nothing to do with you *

Ohohoh Ohohoh Ohh! 

There is nothing new to see, you didn't love me
I was just your distraction
You left me standing mouth open
Listening your voice
How could you cheat me like this?
Well go then knowing that...

*If you go away.. *

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