July 28, 2010

Lisa Ekdahl

Lisa Ekdahl a Swedish pop, jazz singer and musician is known around the Europe though she sings mostly in Swdish. She also has whole albums in English and her latest gigs were in Finland, in Turkey and in Switzerland...
She has released albums since 1994 and in 2009 was published her nineth album.

For some her voice is too odd to listen. I know people who hate her for she is so exceptionel.

Check also: Vem vet ("Who knows"), Hon förtjänar hela himmlen ("She deserves the whole heaven"), Jag tror han är en ängel ("I believe he is an angel"), Now or never, Du var inte där för mig ("You were'nt there for me"), Sakta,sakta ("Carefully"), Gå dit ifall du minns ("Go there if you remeber").


¤¤¤ Jag såg en man vada ner i vattnet
Jag frågade vart han skulle gå
Han sa: "Jag går dit benen bär mig
Det ska inte va svårare än så"
Han talade om himmelen och havet
Han valde de slitnaste ord
Men orden fick liv då de kom ur hans mun
Ja, det var som om jag plötsligt förstod ¤¤¤

*Att vi är många som talar om havet
Men få har havet i sin blick
En gång mötte jag en man med såna ögon
Men ingen jag frågat vet vart han gick
Och vi är många som talar om himlen
Men få kan förstå en evighet
Jag såg en man han bar himmelen inom sig
Men var han finns nu finns det ingen som vet*

¤¤Jag såg en man... ¤¤

*Att vi är många som... *

Han såg solen i ögonen
Han var lätt som en vind
Han såg bortom det blå på himmelen
Då han gick föll en tår på min kind

*För vi är många som.. *


¤¤¤ I saw a man wading down in the water
I asked where he was going
He said" I go there where my legs carry me
It will not be  so hard"

He told about sky and sea
He chose the most used words
But the words came alive when they camo out his mouth
Yes, it was like I suddenly understod  ¤¤¤

* That we are many talking about the sea
But few has sea in the eyes
Once I met a man with eyes like that
But none of them I asked knew where he was going
And we are many talking about the sky
But few can understand the eternity
I saw a man carring the sky inside him
But where is he going there is no one who knows *

¤¤¤ I saw a man... ¤¤¤

*That we are many.. *

He saw the sun in the eyes 
He was light as the wind
He looked beyond the blue of the sky
When he went fell a tear to my cheek

*For we are many... *

July 26, 2010


Picture is from here
Eisblume ("Ice Flower") is in 2007 formed pop band from German. As their German homepage says Eisblume is spherical, psychedelic and experimental band. "A flower that grows through organic and electronic world of voices."
Eisenblume consist of five members: Sontiria Schenk - called "Ria" (vocals), Philipp Schadebrodt (drums), Benny Bauman (guitar), Philipp Schaedt (bass) and Golo Schultz (keyboards). Ria sings both in German and in English.

Eisblume is a quite new band and their hit in 2009 was "Eisblumen" a new version of Subway to Sally's metal one in 2005. And this year was released their French version "Fleurs de glace" of it with a French singer Jena Lee who looks like she's rias sister :). 

This song and video are so sad and touching... There's nothing more to say.

Check also: lyrics,videos,music, Eisblumen/Ice Flowers/Fleurs de glace, Hand in Hand feat LaFee, Überleben("Survive"), Leben ist schön ("Life is beautiful"), Alles ist schwarz ("Everything is black") ,I am a flower, Zeit zu gehen ("Time to go").

Sie waren verliebt
und fast noch Kinder
die Ewigkeit - entfernt und doch so nah
er trug ihr Bild
in seiner Seele
und niemand wird verstehn was dann am Meer geschah

Louise-mein Herz
du bist so schön
die Rosen wollen verblühen wenn sie dich seh'n
Louise-mein Herz
du musst verstehen
nur ohne Dich wird unsere Liebe währen

die Zeit verrinnt
die Blätter fallen
Nacht schwebt heran
Tag ohne Wiederkehr
ein Schatten naht
verdunkelt alle Welt
löscht seine Schritte
nimmt dich mit sich fort

Louise-mein Herz
wo willst du hin
das Wasser trägt uns jetzt ins Morgenlicht
Louise-so kalt
und es wird still
umsorgt von der Unendlichkeit des Augenblicks
er ist da

Louise-mein Herz
vergib mir nicht
die Welt hält an will sich nicht weiter drehen
Louise-und doch
die Schuld trifft dich
ich ließ dich gehen aber du verlässt mich nicht

Wellen über mir
greifen nach uns voller Gier
kein Wort, kein Weg bringt dich zurück
Louise-mein Herz
jetzt komm zur Ruh
mit meinen Tränen decken wir uns zu
ich und du


They were in love
And still only children
The eternity - so far and still so near
He carried her image
In his soul
And nobody will understand
What happened then at sea

Louise - my love
You are so beautiful
The roses want to wither when they see you
Louise - my love
You have to understand
Only without you will our love last

Time runs
The leafs fall
After floating colser
Day of no return
A shadowed night
The world gets dark
Your steps fade away
You'll be harassed

Louise - my love
Where do you want to?
The water takes us now to the morning lights
Louise - so cold
And it becomes still
Taken care of unendlessness of instant
He is there

Louise - my love
Forget me not
The world holds me
And it will not carry on
Louise - and still
The blame comes to you
I let you go
But you won't let me

Waves over me
Catch us with full lust
No word, no road brings you back
Louise - my love
Now comes peace
With my tears we cover us
Me and you

July 18, 2010

Xavier Naidoo

German singer-songwriter Xavier Naidoo is the founder of Söhne Mannheims "Sons of Manheim" and in Mannheim he was born. Naidoos parents are from Sri Lanka and South Africa.

The lyrics are very Christianity oriented and his deep Belief shines through his work. Common subjects are also love of neighbour and the battle against the hatred of foreigners.

His first album "Nicht von dieser Welt" ("Not from this world") was released in 1998 and now he has won nearly ten different awards e.g. twice MTV Europe Music Award for "Best German Act" 81999 and 2002).

Naidoos lyrics are so touching and bit scary. They are from this world and this era and that hate against strangers and foreigners and the lonelyness and the love of this time. But they are olso encouraging like this song that I've chosen for this day: What we cannot stand alone that we stand together. Specially Söhne Mannheims' "Vielleicht" is touching and the music video also. Söhne Mannheims new version of Ton Steine Scherben's (something like "Stone fragment tones") Mein Name ist Mensch ("My name is People") is crushingly touching.

Check also: Er verdient dich nicht ("He doesn't deserve you"),Ich lass sie sterben ("I left her dying"), Ich kann dich sehen ("I can see you"), Das letzte Lied ("The last song"), Alles kann besser werden with Janet Grogan("Everything can turn to better"), Brief ("Letter"), Seine Strasse ("Its street"), Dieser Weg ("This road"),Zeilen aus Gold ("Lines of Gold"), Bist du am Leben interessiert ("Are you interested in Life"),

Söhne Mannheims: Ich wollt nur deine Stimme hören ("I just wanted to hear your voice"), Vielleicht ("Maybe"), Mein Name ist Mensch ("My name is People"), Babylon System.

Während sich andere plagen und nichts passiert
Sind wir zur rechten Zeit am rechten Ort
Und alles ist arrangiert, ich bin dankbar dafür
Weil ich jeden Tag mit meinen Brüdern und Schwestern das echte Leben spür

*Was wir alleine nicht schaffen
Das schaffen wir dann zusammen
Dazu brauchen wir keinerlei Waffen
Unsere Waffe nennt sich unser Verstand
Und was wir alleine nicht schaffen
Das schaffen wir dann zusammen
Nur wir müssen geduldig sein
Dann dauert es nicht mehr lang *

Die anderen können lachen
Keiner lacht mehr als wir
Was soll'n sie auch machen
Wir sind Ritter mit rosarotem Visir
Ein Leben ohne Euch macht wenig Sinn
Kein Leben, Kein Geräusch dann wäre ich wie blind

*Was wir alleine...*

Es liegt noch was vor uns, das Leben liegt vor uns
Spürst du die Vorhut, aufkommenden Frohmut?

*Was wir alleine...*


While the others are whining and nothing happens
We are at the right moment at the right place
And everything is arranged, I'm thankful for
I can live with my bros and sisters a real life

*What we cannot stand alone
That we stand together
For that we don't need weapons
Our sense we call our weapons
And what we cannot stand alone
That we stand together
We only have to patient
Then it will not take long anymore*

The others can laugh
Nobody laughs more than we do
What should thay do
We are knights with rosered visirs
A life without you is less reasonable
No life, no noise, then I would be like blind

*What we cannot... *

There is still something waitng for us, life is waiting for us
Can you feel the vanguard, arising joy of life?

*What we cannot...*

July 16, 2010

Andrea Bocelli

Andrea Bocelli is an Italian singer more closely a tenor. He sings plenty of opera but also light popish songs. He is one of the most popular and most sold singer. He sang with Zucchero Fornaciari, an Italian rockstar, a duet called "Miserere" (it's Latin something like "Have mercy"). But the best known song of Bocelli is "Con te partiro/Time to say goodbye" with English soprano Sarah Brightman.

Sadly Bocelli is also famous for his blindness. He was only twelve-years-old when he permanently lost his sight. He had suffered from glaucoma and when a football hit his head at the age of twelvehe lost his sight. You can see that allmost in every picture he has his eyes shut and to the concerts he has at least one convoy who acompanys him to the stage.

Bocelli sings most of the songs in Italian for they are opera but also in English and Spanish. He has published 21 albums and the latest "My Christmas" in 2009. In 2010 he is touring aroud the Europe and USA.

This song I chosed for its lyrics, feeling and idea. Devil and angel are very used combination but I think there's something new in Bocelli's one. And this is the first opera singer I've chosen for you and probably the last also. :)

Check also: Con te partiro("I leave with you")Spanish version, Melodramma ("Melodrama"), Vivo per lei with Georgia("I live for her"), Medley with in 2007 deceased Luciano Pavarotti, Sogno ("Dream"), Canto della terra ("The song of the earth"), Il mare calmo della sera ("Quiet sea of the night"), Bocelli in Seesame Street singing lullaby to Elmo.

(Music&Text: Andrea Bocelli)

Non spaventarti, dormi
Sono il diavolo
Io che nei tuoi sogni ormai ogni notte scivolo
Mi ascolti ed io so già
Che vuoi da me
Un altro sogno
Che no hai osato credere mai
Un sogno che al mattino non racconterai
Sperando solo un po' che non si avveri mai
Tu ti dai così
Solo per metà
A metà fra il sogno e la realtà.

E' l'alba giù dal letto
Sono l'angelo
Sei bella ancora un po' assonnata
C'è posto anche per me accanto a te
Per tutto il giorno
Io potrei darti l'anima tu vuoi
Sarò per te l'amico più sincero io
Un'oasi di lealtà e qui dal posto mio
Mi darò così mai solo a metà
A metà tra il sogno e la realtà
E resto fermo qui tanto i sogni tuoi
Qui ti porteranno prima o poi

Sarò per te l'amico più sincero io
Un'oasi di lealtà e qui dal posto mio
Mi darò così mai solo a metà
A metà fra il sogno e la realtà

Non mi riconosci adesso io
Sono sempre io
Diavolo perché
Voglio star di notte accanto a te
Vuoi un angelo ma si
E se ci credi un po'
D'ora in poi il tuo angelo saro'

Dont be frightened, sleep
I am the devil
The one who slips into your dreams now every night
You listen to me and I already know
What you want from me
Another dream
You've never dared to believe in
A dream you won't be telling in the morning
Hoping only a bit it never comes true
That's how you are
Only half of yourself
Halfway between dream and reality

It's dawn out of bed
I am the angel
You're beautiful still a bit sleepy
Tell me
Is there a place for me beside you too
All day long
I could give you the soul you want 
I'll be your sincerest friend
An oasis of loyalty and here from my place
That's how I'll be never by halves
Halfway between dream and reality
And I'll stay put no matter what your dreams
They'll bring you here sooner or later

I'll be your sincerest friend
An oasis of loyalty and from my place
That's how I'll be never by halves
Halfway between dream and reality

Dont you recognize me now
It''s me again
The devil because
I want to be next to you at night
You want an angel but yes
If you can only believe it
From now on I'll be your angel

(Translation from "Andrea Bocelli - Cieli di Toscana" - album)

July 14, 2010


Faudel (Belloua) a raï singer and actor French-Algerian. He has got a  nickname "le petit price du raï"  means "the little price of raï". He joined in a group "Les Étoiles de Raï" ("The stars of raï") in 1990 when he was only 12 years old.
At the age of 18 Faudels first solo album Baïda was released and next year in 1998 he collaborated with his friends of the old band and the album 1,2,3 Soleils was born. Two documents about the young rising star was made in 1995.

Faudel has played with Audrey Tautou in "Le battement d'ailes de papillon"(Happenstace, 2000) and  he has also acted in a TV serie called Sami, le pion.

In 2001 Faudel was in les Enfoirés the masssive francophonic musical group.

"The little prince of raï" sings both in Arabic and in French and his latest  album "Bled Memory was published this January.

Faudel has made an arabic raï version of "Ne me quitte pas" ("Don't leave me") of the great Belgian singer Jacques Brel (1929-1978).

Check also: Tellement je t'aime/Tellement n'brick ("So much I love you"), Je veux vivre ("I want to live"), Baïda mon amour ("Baïda my love"), Zine Li Atak Allah, Live concert, Interview (in French),Que je t'aime feat Arabic Mood ("That I love you"),

Je ne connais pas ce soleil
Qui brûle les dunes sans fin
Je ne connais pas d'autres terres
Que celle qui m'a tendu la main
Et si un jour je pars d'ici
Que je traverse le désert
Pour aller voir d'ou vient ma vie
Dans quelle rue jouait mon père
Moi qui suis né près de Paris
Sous tout ce vent, toute cette pluie
Je n'oublierai jamais mon pays
Jamais mon pays

Et si demain comme aujourd'hui
Je dois faire le tour de la terre
Pour chanter aux mondes mes envies
Voyager des années entières
Moi qui suis né tout près d'ici
Même si je quitte mes amis
Je n'oublierais jamais mon pays
De souvenirs gravés qui courent
D' écoles et d' été
Trop d' amours pour oublier
Que c'est ici que je suis né
De temps abandonné
Sur les bancs de ma cité
Trop d'amis pour oublier
Que c'est ici que je suis né
Que c'est ici que je suis né*

Je ne connais pas ce parfum
De menthe et de sable brûlant
Mais seulement les embruns
Où les rouleaux de l'océan
Et toi qui me trouve un peu mate
Pour ses rues bordées de prairies
Un peu trop blanc couleur d'‘Euphrate
Pour ses poèmes que j'ai appris
Tu es bien le seul que j'oublie
Telle l'étoile fidèle a la nuit
Je n'oublierais jamais mon pays
Jamais mon pays


Et comme toi j'attends la pluie
Pour lui dire toutes mes peines
Tout comme toi, je lui souris
Quand elle tombe sur la plaie
Quand elle tombe sur la plaie



I don't know the sun
That burns the dunes endlessly
I don't know other lands
Than the one that gave me its hand
And if one day I leave this
To cross the desert
For to go to see where my life is from
On which street my dad played 
I, the one who's born near Paris 
In all those winds, in all those rains
I'll never forget my land
I'll never forget my land

And if tomorrow like today
I have to go around the world
To sing my desires to the world
To voyage whole years
I, the one who's born here near
Though I leave my firends
I'll never forget my land

*Toooo much
Important memories
Of passed school years and summers
Too much love to forget 
That this is where I have born
Toooo much
Wasted time
On the benches of my city
Too much friends to forget
That this is where I have born
That this is where I have born *

I don't know that perfum
Of mynth and burning sand
Only the snorts
In surf of ocean
And you who regard me  as a little tame
For these bordered roads of prairies
A little too white for color of Euphrat
For these poems that I've learned
You are the only one I'll forget
Those stars fidel to the night
I'll never forget my land
My land

*Toooo much...*

And like you I wait the rain
For to tell it all my sorrows
All like you, I smile to it
When it falls to the plain
When it falls to the plain

*Toooo much...*

July 12, 2010

Jane Birkin feat. Mickey3d

Jane Birkin is a British actress and  singer though she sings most of her songs in French. Her became famous in late 60's when she played in a startling movie called Blowup. She met Serge Gainsbourg in tha shooting of her next movie Cannabis and fell in love. Then the musical part came along and they released a song "Je t'aime... moi non plus" ("I love you... not anymore"). The song was openly very sexual - terrible scandal and it was prohibited inter alia in Sweden, Spain and Italy and it became a succee. The on-off relationship of Birkin and Gainsbourg was well followed and totally break up came not until he deceased. Birkins other songs never reached the same level that the first hit and he lived very quiet life until in  2004 she made a comeback with a duo album Rendez-vous ("Rendezvous"). Every song is duet with an other celebrity and though the album has been harshly criticized I myself regard it one of her best albums.

Birkin has been part of les Enfoirés a massive group of francophonic artists and musicians.

Check also: La Gadoue ("Slush"), The simple story with Feist, Je m'appelle Jane (live),

One of Rendez-vous albums featuring artist was the vocalist Michaël Furnon (in the middle) of the French rock group Mikey3d.  He is known as Mickey and the following song that he has made plays with their names Jane and Mickey: "My name is Jane.. Your name is not Tarzan, Your name is Mickey... My name is not Minnie".

Check also:Ca m'étonne pas ("That doesn't surprise me"), Méfie toi l'escargot ("Be suspicious snail"), Matador, Ma grand-mère ("My grandma").

Dis Birkin, c'est quoi ce vieil accent que tu traînes et qui te rend l'air antipathique ?
C'est l'accent britannique.
Dis Birkin, pourquoi tu vas marcher dans la gadoue alors que ça salit tes bottes ?
C'est que je suis gamine.
Dis Birkin, pourquoi tu sea tu sex et puis tu sun dès que le mois d'août se radine ?
C'est que je suis caline.
Dis Birkin, c'est quoi ce vieux jean sale que tu trimballes depuis 1969 ?
C'est que je suis radine.

Je m'appelle Jane et je t'emmerde.
Toi tu ne t'appelles pas Tarzan.
Tu t'appelles Mickey, je t'emmerde.
Moi je ne m'appelle pas Minnie.

Dis Birkin, pourquoi t'as pas grossi en vieillissant t'es toujours aussi belle qu'avant ?
C'est que je suis maline.
Dis Birkin, pourquoi tu te mets toujours à pleurer dès que quelqu'un est en danger ?
C'est que je suis sensible.
Dis Birkin, pourquoi tu ne t'énerves jamais on dirait que tu fuis la colère ?
C'est que je suis fragile.
Dis Birkin, c'est quoi ces yeux qui regardent dans le vide on dirait que t'es dans la lune ?
C'est parce que je m'ennuie.

*Je m'appelle Jane...*


Say Birkin, what is that old accent that hangs with you and makes you look antipathic?
It's a British accent.
Say Birkin, why do you march in the slush thouh it makes your boots dirty?
Because I'm a girl.
Say Birkin, why do you sea you sex and then you sun as soon as the month of august comes?
Because, I'm in need of cuddle.

*My name is Jane and I bore you
Your name is not Tarzan
Your name is Mickey, I bore you
My name is not Minnie*

Say Birkin, why haven't you gained weight when you've got older, you're as beautiful as alway?
Because I'm sly.
Say Birkin, why do you stat to cry when someone is in danger?
That's because I'm sensible.
Say, Birkin, why don't you never get nervous, they say that you escape from anger?
That's because I'm fragile.
Say Birkin, what are those eyes that look into emptyness why they say that you are in the moon?
That's because I'm bored.

*My name is Jane... *

July 10, 2010


Band called Ohrbooten comes  from Germany and combines different genres: hip hop, pop, rock, gypsy, reggae, jazz, dancehall, alternative, salsa, orientaö, ragga, rap and ska. Ohrbooten calls their musical style as Gyp-Hop, that's also the name of their third and for now latest album. Name comes from gypsy and hip hop.
There are four members (from left): Christopher Noodt (keyboard, bass, back vocals), Ben Pavlidis (leading vocals, guitar, lyrics), Markus "Onkel" (means "Uncle") Lingner (percussion, drums, cajon,  back vocals) and Matze Jechlitschka (guitar, back vocals).
Band Ohrbooten sings in German because they want to be undesrtod in Germany because the lyrics are essential. They don't sing just in German but in slang od Berlin. Though they have performed on the stage they keep coming back to the streets where their group was formed and started for to be near their audience and people.
Ohrbooten has collaborated with such Central European bands as Estonian group Vanilla Ninja and German group Culcha Candela (maybe more about them later) and from 2008  Ohrbooten has been working for German project "School without rasism - School with courage".
This song is about the sad weather when we want to go elsewhere "where the weather is better". I heard this song first time when it was raining cats and dogs and tarantellas and this was like a ray of sun in the middle of grey. I apologize for this lyrics translation may contain errors for I have translated it from slang of Berlin which I do not speak.

Check also: An alle Ladies ("For all ladies"), Keine Panik ("No panic"), Man lebt nur einmal ("We live only once"), Autobahn ("Highway"), Bewegung ("Motion"), Stadtkind ("City kid"), Babylon bei Boot ("Babylon by boat"), Mit dem Kopf durch die Wand ("With the head through the wall"), Alle gegen alle ("All against all"), 100 mal am Tag ("100 times in a day").

ik loof da so die Straße lang
kalter Regen is of menen Wegen
und es fängt auch noch zu hageln an
ey wat is 'n dit für 'n Leben?
wat mach ich bloß in dieser Stadt,
die mehr Winter als nen Sommer hat?

*und tschüss!...
wann ik wiederkomm is ungewiss
sicher is, dass ik mir verpiss
dahin wo det Wetter besser is
Sonnenschein ohne Kompromiss*

mene Füße in die Socken
mit zusammn in mene Botten
und dann volle pulle joggen
zu Robben und Wientjes


allet wat ik hab, 
ab of 'n Truck jepackt
durch die Innenstadt
Stop vor 'nem Trödelshop-Spot
und verklopp den Schrott
dit war doch allet nur 'n Anker
und ohne soviel Zeug läuft et doch sowieso entspannter
schicket one-way-ticket
der Style is mein Mantra

*und tschüss!... * (2x)

mein Konto lös ich auf
Wohnungskündigung is raus
mein Auto is verkauft
meinen Kumpels sag ich ciao

*und tschüss!... *


 AND BYE!!!!

I run down the street...
The cold rain is on my way
It starts to hail...
Ey what is this?
What am I really doing in this city
Which has more winter than summer?

*And bye!...
When do I come back
It's uncertain
Certain is that I'll go
There where the weather is better
Sunshine without compromise *

My feet are in my socks
With my boots
And then full speed ahead
To the "Robben und Wintjes" ( a rent a car& transport company)


All what I got
Is packed in a trunk
Through the city
STOP in front of a junk shop
I leave all my stuff
All that was just an anchor
With less stuff it's more relaxing

Send a one-way-ticket...
That is my mantra

*And bye...* (2x)

I erase my account, my house dismissal is on,
My car is sold, to my friends I say ciao!

*And bye...* (3x)


July 08, 2010


Johnossi a duo from Sweden. Those two members are (from left) Oskar "Ossi" Bonde (drums, percussions, vocals) and John Engelbert (vocals, guitar, lyricist). So simply together they are Johnossi. Believe it or not it took quite some time before I got it, sad to admit.

Johnossi plays also tambourine, guiro, chims etc. Their lyrics are a bit angsty and the following song is one of the cheerest ones.

John and Ossi met when they were under 16 years old and duo was formed in 2004. They relesed their first album only after five moths of performing and financed the album with the income of their gigs. And now one of their albums has been released in Japan where thay also performed  first time in 2009.

This song is very creepy but oh so true. The music video is brilliant - it has that something. You can watch it when you click the title of the song.

We're the people, the lucky
With the fragile bones
The ones who sit and worry
About getting to old
We're the people, the happy
With the broken hearts
The ones who draw a picture
And proclaim that it´s art

But you, and you, and you and you
You're just an animal developed into
You and you and you and you
A monkey needs to dance so do you

We're the people, the lucky
With the fragile bones
The ones who sit and worry
About catching a cold
We're the people, the happy
With the broken hearts
The ones who draw a picture
And proclaim that it´s art

But you, and you, and you and you
You're just an animal developed into
You and you and you and you
A monkey needs to dance so do you

*You like to do it as a child on your own
You're in the jungle and the monkeys
Take your mind from your home

How many time do they have to tell you
That it's perfectly fine for you to dance around
Naked when you're all by yourself*

Cause' you, and you, and you and you
You're just an animal developed into
You and you and you and you
A monkey needs to dance so do you

We're the people, the lucky
With the fragile bones
The ones who sit and worry
About getting to old
You're the monkey in the jungle
Trying to find your place
The one who let the sunset
Bring a silly kind of smile on your face

But you, and you, and you and you
You're just an animal developed into
You and you and you and you
A monkey needs to dance so do you

*You like to do it as a child...*

Cause you, and you, and you and you
You're just an animal developed into
You and you and you and you
A monkey needs to dance so do you

July 06, 2010


Picture is from here.
Sidonie is a Spanish band from Barcelona. It was formed in the late 90's and at first the lyrical language was mostly English but after album Fascinado (2005) it's been Spanish. 

The members are: Axel Pi (drums, bongos, tablas), Jesús Senra (bass,  vocals, sitar, guitar, main composer) and Marco Ros (main lyricist, vocals, guitar, bass guitar). They discribe Sidonie as a surrealist, psychedelic pop and psychedelic rock band. According to Sidonie the influeces comes from the Beatles, Rollings Stones, Bowie and Pink Floyd.

First album "Dragonfly" was released in 2000 and the latest "El incendio" ("The fire") in 2009.

This song is my very favourite of Sidonies songs. The basic plot of the song: A boy tries to tell a girl he's in love with her but awkwardly he falls right in front of her with his sad daisy bouquet. She thinks he's crazy and is afraid of him and calls the cops and the boy has never courage to say "I love you". It's simple and easy but so fun AND sad to listen. I'm very fond of songs which are stories that really work. You can hear that some songs are foced to specific rimes to be perfect stories but Sidonie has done it so perfect. Not too short, not too many and hard phrases.

Check also: Jardín polar ("Polar garden"), El incendio ("The fire"),Los Olvidados("The forgotten ones"), Nueva York ("New York"), Un día mas en la vida(feat. Zahara) ("One day more in life"),  Giraluna (Girasol would be"Sunflower" so Giraluna is "Moonflower"), Sidonie goes to London, Viva el loco que inventó el amor ("Long live the one who invented the love"), lyrics, Interview (in Spanish), Another interview (also in Spanish), Interview (in Catalan), Fascinado (live in ipop tve2) ("Fascinated"), MySpace, Live performance.

Es el día de la cita
te he traído margaritas
del jardín de mi casero
Te quiero!

En la plaza de repente
yo te veo entre la gente
me resbalo caigo al suelo
Te quiero!

Te tiendo la mano
y te ofrezco triste ramo
te apartas un poco
y me dices que estoy loco.

*Está en mi garganta
Está en mi garganta
Me está cortando y sangra
Me está cortando y sangra
Me ahoga el te quiero que jamás podré decir.*

Yo te hablo y me atraganto
estoy temblando quedo en blanco
tu me hablas yo no entiendo
Te quiero!

En las ramblas ya eres mia
tu has gritado policía
me he escondido en el puerto
Te quiero!

Espero la calma
mientras tu crucero zarpa
Agito un pañuelo
digo adiós a la que quiero.

*Está en mi garganta...*

It's the day of the date
I've brought you daisies
From my home garden
I love you!
Suddenly on the square
I see you among the people
I slip and fall to the ground
I love you!
And to you 
I hand a sad bouquet
You draw away little
And to me you say that I'm crazy
*It is in my throat
It is in my throat
It's killing me and I bleed
It's killing me and I bleed
I suppress the "I love you"
That I never can say
I talk to you and the words get stuck
I'm shaking and I turn into white
You talk to me and I don't understand
I love you!

At market streets you are mine
You yelled the police
I hide into the harbour
I love you!

I'm waiting the peace
Meanwhile you cross the zebra crossing
I wave the handkerchief
I say goodbye to the girl I love

*It is in my throat...*

July 04, 2010

Calogero & Passi

Now I introduce to you two artists in one. They collaborated in 2004 and here they are: Calogero & Passi.

Calogero Maurici is a French-Italian artist. He performs under his first name Calogero. He is composer, singer and musician. His instruments are Bass, guitar and piano. Style is  pop rock. His career started at the end of 80's and know he is well known and he has collaborated with for example Pascal Obispo and he is now part of Les Enfoirés.

He has wrote no lyrics himself because he can't "find the suitable words". According to Calogero while he writes a song his friends have done an album.
He has got two NRJ Music Awards and many other awards.
His music videos are interesting..

Check also: L'ombre et la lumière ("Shadow and light"), La fin de la fin du monde ("The end of the end of the world"),  En apesanteur ("In Weightlessness"), Pomme C ("Apple C"), C'est dit ("It's said"), Si seulement je pouvais lui manquer ("If I only could miss him/her").

Passi Ballende known as Passi is a French-Congolese rap and hip hop artist. The sixth of seven kids in the family he was born in Congo and moved to the France at the age of seven. Rap music was his passion from very young. He has created his career mostly as a solo artist but he is also known as a member of such bands as Dis l'heure 2 zouk and Bisso Na Bisso and his first band Mistère A.M.E.R. which he foundid with his school mate Stormy Bugsy.The first album Pourquoi tant de haine? ("Why so much hate?") of Mistèr A.M.E.R was released in 1992 and second two years later.

The song "Il fait chaud" ("It's hot") is known from the last episode of Sex & the City.

Passi arranged a project for Redd Cross collection. He managed to unite 78 artist and celebrities to make a music video for to collect money for the Haiti accident. Song is called Un geste pour Haïti, chérie ("A gesture for Haiti, darling")

Check also: Il fait chaud ("It's hot"), Bisso Na Bisso:Nous être nous ("We are we"), Je zappe et je matte ("I channel surf and watch"), Les flammes du mal ("The flames of evil" might be something to do with a French poet Charles Baudelaire and his book Les fleurs du mal ("The flowers of evil")), Le Monde est a moi feat. Akhenaton ("The world is for me"), Chambre de gosses ("Room of kids"), Emeutes ("Riots").

On ne choisit ni son origine, ni sa couleur de peau
Comme on rêve d'une vie de château, quand on vit le ghetto
Naître l'étau autour du cou comme Cosette pour Hugo
Etre en treillis dans le conflit et prier le Très Haut.

Fils du C.O.N.G.O. cette haine j'ai au
M.I.C.R.O. j'ai l'poids des mots
Sortir d'en bas, rêver de déchirer ce tableau
Fait d'armes, de larmes, fait de sang et sanglots.

*Face à la mer
J'aurais dû grandir
Face contre terre
J'aurais pu mourir
Je me relève
Je prends mon dernier rêve*

Tous deux la même dalle
Et tous deux déçus

Je prends mon dernier rêve

La sècheresse sur une terre où on ne cesse de semer
Tristesse dans des yeux qui ne peuvent pleurer
J'ai beaucoup de rêves lointains, je me suis tant rebellé
J'ai bu beaucoup de baratin et ça m'a trop saoulé.
Dans la vie y a les tapes au fond et les tapes à côté
Les "t'as pas un euro ?" ou la tape à l'arrachée

Y a l'Etat, les R.M.istes, les "t'as qu'à taffer"
Si t'es en bas faut cravacher, t'as qu'à pas lâcher.
T'as pas connu ça toi, l'envie d'empocher les patates
Être à gauche droite face à la mer loin des galères.
T'as pas connu ça, l'envie de t'en sortir distribuer des patates
Des gauches droites avec un air patibulaire

*Face à la mer...*

Tous deux la même dalle
Et tous deux déçus

Je prends mon dernier rêve

Face à la mer
C'est toi qui résistes
Face contre terre
Ton nom sur la liste
De tout ton être
Cité à comparaître

C'est l'histoire de cette plume qui s'étouffe dans le goudron
D'cette matière grise dont le pays n'a pas fait acquisition
On se relève, on repart à fond, on vise le Panthéon
J'en place une à ceux qui en ont, qui rêvent consécration
La dalle la niak, je l'ai comme mes potes l'ont
On veut toucher le ciel étoilé sans baisser le pantalon.
Trop peu bonnes fées et trop de cendrillons.
Calo-Passi action

*Face à la mer...*

Tous deux la même dalle
On est tous deux déçus

Je prends mon dernier rêve

Tous deux la même dalle
On vise tous deux au-dessus

Je prends mon dernier rêve

On ne choisit ni son origine, ni sa couleur de peau
Comme on rêve d'une vie de château, quand on vit le ghetto
Naître l'étau autour du cou comme Cosette pour Hugo
Etre en treillis dans le conflit et prier le Très Haut.

Fils du C.O.N.G.O. cette haine j'ai au
M.I.C.R.O. j'ai l'poids des mots
Face à la mer, on veut tous grandir
Calo-Passi, trop jeunes pour mourir


Let's not choose by origine, nor by color of the skin
When we are dreaming of a life in a castle while living in the ghetto 
To born the vice around the neck like Cosette for Hugo 
To born into camo suit to the conflicts and to pray for the highest

Children of C.O.N.G.O. this rage I have against 
M.I.C.R.O. my words are powerful
Out with socks on, dreaming of ripping the painting made of 
Veapons, tears, made of blood and cries

*Face to the sea 

I should have grown
Face against the ground
I could have died
I rise again
I grab my last dream *

Both on the same slab of stone
And both dissappointed

I grab my last dream

It was a drought on a soil or it won't stop seeding 
The sadness to the eyes that cannot cry
I have many distant dreams have rebelled much 
And drunk much of nonsense and that made me too much drunk
In life there are slaps really and hits which do not meet the gole 
The "don't you have an euro?" or hit that rips off, there

Is state, the RMIstes, the "have you something to smoke?"
If you are low one must be whipped, you won't give up
You are not known as yourself, the desire to stick the idiots
To be left-right face to the sea to the gally in the distance
You are not known as yourself, the jealousy let you slip out of shareing the jerk
Left-rights with a look of worry

*Face to the sea...*

Both on the same slab of stone
And both dissappointed

I grab my last dream

Face to the sea
You resist
Face against the ground
Your name on the list
Of your whole existance
Mentioned to arrive to the court

The history of this quill is chocked with tar
This grey material of what the lands are not bulid acquisation 
We do rise, we repair thoroughly, heading to the Pantheon
I place one of those who is there, one who dreams about consecration
"To be voluntarily ready to manage"
We want to touch the sky without lowering the pants
Too few good fairies and too many Cinderellas
Calo – Passi Action

*Face to the sea.. *

Both on the same slab of stone
And both dissappointed

I grab my last dream

Both on the same slab of stone
And both dissappointed

I grab my last dream

Let's not choose by origine, nor by color of the skin
When we are dreming of a life in a castle while living in the ghetto
To born the vice around the neck like Cosette for Hugo
To born into camo suit to the conflicts and to pray for the highest
Children of C.O.N.G.O. this rage I have against
M.I.C.R.O. my words are powerful
Out with socks on, dreaming of ripping the painting made of
Veapons, tears, made of blood and cries

Face to the sea, we all want to grow
Calo – Passi, too young to die