July 12, 2010

Jane Birkin feat. Mickey3d

Jane Birkin is a British actress and  singer though she sings most of her songs in French. Her became famous in late 60's when she played in a startling movie called Blowup. She met Serge Gainsbourg in tha shooting of her next movie Cannabis and fell in love. Then the musical part came along and they released a song "Je t'aime... moi non plus" ("I love you... not anymore"). The song was openly very sexual - terrible scandal and it was prohibited inter alia in Sweden, Spain and Italy and it became a succee. The on-off relationship of Birkin and Gainsbourg was well followed and totally break up came not until he deceased. Birkins other songs never reached the same level that the first hit and he lived very quiet life until in  2004 she made a comeback with a duo album Rendez-vous ("Rendezvous"). Every song is duet with an other celebrity and though the album has been harshly criticized I myself regard it one of her best albums.

Birkin has been part of les Enfoirés a massive group of francophonic artists and musicians.

Check also: La Gadoue ("Slush"), The simple story with Feist, Je m'appelle Jane (live),

One of Rendez-vous albums featuring artist was the vocalist Michaël Furnon (in the middle) of the French rock group Mikey3d.  He is known as Mickey and the following song that he has made plays with their names Jane and Mickey: "My name is Jane.. Your name is not Tarzan, Your name is Mickey... My name is not Minnie".

Check also:Ca m'étonne pas ("That doesn't surprise me"), Méfie toi l'escargot ("Be suspicious snail"), Matador, Ma grand-mère ("My grandma").

Dis Birkin, c'est quoi ce vieil accent que tu traînes et qui te rend l'air antipathique ?
C'est l'accent britannique.
Dis Birkin, pourquoi tu vas marcher dans la gadoue alors que ça salit tes bottes ?
C'est que je suis gamine.
Dis Birkin, pourquoi tu sea tu sex et puis tu sun dès que le mois d'août se radine ?
C'est que je suis caline.
Dis Birkin, c'est quoi ce vieux jean sale que tu trimballes depuis 1969 ?
C'est que je suis radine.

Je m'appelle Jane et je t'emmerde.
Toi tu ne t'appelles pas Tarzan.
Tu t'appelles Mickey, je t'emmerde.
Moi je ne m'appelle pas Minnie.

Dis Birkin, pourquoi t'as pas grossi en vieillissant t'es toujours aussi belle qu'avant ?
C'est que je suis maline.
Dis Birkin, pourquoi tu te mets toujours à pleurer dès que quelqu'un est en danger ?
C'est que je suis sensible.
Dis Birkin, pourquoi tu ne t'énerves jamais on dirait que tu fuis la colère ?
C'est que je suis fragile.
Dis Birkin, c'est quoi ces yeux qui regardent dans le vide on dirait que t'es dans la lune ?
C'est parce que je m'ennuie.

*Je m'appelle Jane...*


Say Birkin, what is that old accent that hangs with you and makes you look antipathic?
It's a British accent.
Say Birkin, why do you march in the slush thouh it makes your boots dirty?
Because I'm a girl.
Say Birkin, why do you sea you sex and then you sun as soon as the month of august comes?
Because, I'm in need of cuddle.

*My name is Jane and I bore you
Your name is not Tarzan
Your name is Mickey, I bore you
My name is not Minnie*

Say Birkin, why haven't you gained weight when you've got older, you're as beautiful as alway?
Because I'm sly.
Say Birkin, why do you stat to cry when someone is in danger?
That's because I'm sensible.
Say, Birkin, why don't you never get nervous, they say that you escape from anger?
That's because I'm fragile.
Say Birkin, what are those eyes that look into emptyness why they say that you are in the moon?
That's because I'm bored.

*My name is Jane... *

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