April 30, 2010

Patricia Kaas

Patricia Kaas (5.12.1966) is a French chanson pop jazz blues singer and lyricist. She is one of the most popular singers from France. Her deep and strong voice is unique. She published her first song in 1985 when she was only 19 years old. Her first hit was "Mademoiselle chante le blues" ("Miss sings the blues") and it was made by lyricist Didier Barbelivien.

Kaas has also played in a film called "And now... Ladies and Gentlemen" with Jeremy Irons in 2002. In 2009 Kaas performed and participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow with song "Et s'il fallait le faire" ("And if it would have done"). Though she reached the eight place and she was praised, I myself regared her song not as brilliant and powerfull as her songs normally are.
Since 1992 Kaas has been irregularly part of Les Enfoirés the great goup of francophonic singers.

Check also: Mon mec à moi ("My guy"), Quand j'ai peur de tout ("When I'm afraid of everything"), Dans ma chair ("On my chair"), Regarde les riches (Look at rich people), Kennedy Rose, Il me dit que je suis belle ("He said to me that I am beautiful")

In the translation I have used the parenthesis to mark the parts that are in German.


(D. Barbelivien /F. Bernheim & D. Barbelivien)

Où j'écoute la
Pluie en vacances

Où j'entends le rock en silence
Où j'ai des souvenirs d'en face
Où j'ai des souvenirs d'enfance
Leninplatz et anatole France

L'histoire passée est une injure
L'avenir est une aventure
Je connais les sens interdits
Je sais où dorment les fusils
Je sais où s'arrête l'indulgence

*Auf wiedersehn Lili Marlène
Reparlez-moi des roses de Göttingen
Qui m'accompagnent
Dans l'autre allemagne
À l'heure où colombes
Et vautours s'éloignent
De quel côté du mur,
La frontière vous rassure*

J'ai des histoires d'amour sincère
Je plane sur des musiques d'appolinaire
Le romantisme est plus violents
Des violons jouent toujours plus lents
Des valses viennoises ordinaires

*Auf wiedersehen... *

Ich habe eine kleine Wildblume
Eine Flamme die zwischen den Volken blüht

J'ai une petite fleur dans le coeur
Qui est comme l'idée du bonheur
Qui va grandir comme un arbre

*Auf wiedersehen... *

Auf wiedersehn Lili Marlène
Reparlez-moi des roses de Göttingen

In Germany
Where I listen to the rain on vacation
In Germany
Where I hear the rock in silence
In Germany
Where I have souvenirs that face me
Where I have souvenirs of childhood
Leninplatz and Anatole France

Passed history is an insult
The future is an adventure
I know the prohibited opinions
I know where the weapons do sleep
I know where the indulgence stops

*(Goodbye) Lili Marlène
Tell me again
About the roses of Göttingen
Which accompany me
To the other Germany
When doves and
Vultures draw away
Which side of the wall
The frontier makes you calm?*

From Germany
I have stories about sincere love
I float over the musics of Apollinaire
In Germany
The romanticim is more violent
The violins play
Every day slowlier
The ordinary Viennese waltz

*(Goodbye) Lili... *

(I have no wild flowers
A flame that blooms between the clouds)

I have a little flower in heart
That is like an idea of goodnes
That will grow like a tree

*(Goodbye) Lili... *

(Goodbye) Lili Marlène
Tell me again
About the roses of Göttingen

April 29, 2010


Juanes (Juan Esteban Aristizábal Vásquez) is a "radical" latinorock singer-songmaker-guitarist from Colombia. He has won 12 Latin Grammy and 7 Latin Billboard Awards and he is known for his charity work for example for his own country and he has a foundation named after his third solo album, Mi Sangre ("My Blood"). This foundation is founded to help the victims of the land mines. His lyrics are mostly political or about love.

In 2005 the Time listed him to the top 100-list of the most influential people in the world. For his activism, humanitarian and social work Juanes was awarded in 2006 by French Culture Minister with the highest cultural honor given by France, declaring him "Knight in the order of Arts and Letters".

Though Juanes is now known around the world he sings still in Spanish because he wants to respect his own language and he wants to promote it.

The members of the band of Juanes are Felipe Alzate (percussion), Emmanuel Briceño (keyboard, vocals), Fernando Tobon (guitar), Waldo Madera (drums), Mauricio Colmenares (guitar and voacals).

Juanes has released five solo albums the latest, "La vida... es un ratico" ("Life... is a moment") in 2007. Maybe his most popular song is "La Camisa Negra" ("The black shirt").

Check also: Para tu amor ("For your love"), Dámelo ("Give it to me"), Una bandera de manos with Campino("A flag of hands"), Me enamora ("I fall in love"), Rosario Tijeras (A girls name, can be translated "Rosary Scissors") from a Colombian film based on the novel made by Jorge Franco.


Esta es la historia de Juan

El niño que nadie amó
Que por las calles creció

Buscando el amor bajo el sol
Su madre lo abandonó
Su padre lo maltrató
Su casa fue un callejón
Su cama un cartón su amigo Dios
Juan preguntó por amor
Y el mundo se lo negó
Juan preguntó por honor
Y el mundo le dió deshonor
Juan preguntó por perdón
Y el mundo lo lastimó
Juan preguntó y preguntó

Y el mundo jamás lo escuchó

El sólo quizo jugar

El sólo quizo soñar

El sólo quizo amar
Pero el mundo lo olvidó
El sólo quizo volar

El sólo quizo cantar

El sólo quizo amar
Pero el mundo lo olvidó

Tan fuerte fue su dolor

Que un día se lo llevó
Tan fuerte fue su dolor

Que su corazón se apagó
Tan fuerte fue su temor

Que un día solo lloró
Tan fuerte fue su temor

Que un día su luz se apagó

El sólo quizo jugar

El sólo quizo soñar

El sólo quizo amar

Pero el mundo lo olvidó

El sólo quizo volar

El sólo quizo cantar

El sólo quizo amar

Pero el mundo lo olvidó


This is the story of Juan

The boy who was loved by no-one

He grew up on the streets

Looking for love under the sun

He was abandoned by his mother

He was abused by his father

His home was a lane

His bed was a box, his friend God

Juan asked for love

And the world rejected him

Juan asked for honor

And the world gave him dishonor

Juan asked for forgiveness

And the world hurt him

Juan asked and asked

And the world never listened to him

He just wanted to play

He just wanted to dream

He just wanted to love

But the world forgot him

He just wanted to fly

He just wanted to sing

He just wanted to love

But the world forgot him

So strong was his pain

That one day it took him

So strong was his pain

That his heart stopped

So strong was his fear

That one day he just cried

So strong was his fear

That one day his light turned off

He just wanted to play

He just wanted to dream

He just wanted to love

But the world forgot him

He just wanted to fly

He just wanted to sing

He just wanted to love

But the world forgot him

April 28, 2010


Björk Guðmundsdóttir (21.11.1965) is a singer from Iceland. She is mostly known for her solo career but she has been part of many bands during her teenage life and in 2000 she played the role of Selma in the movie "Dancer in the Dark" where she also sang and danced for it was a musical drama film. In the film was also Cahterine Deneuve (Les parapluies of Cherbourg, 8 Femmes). Björks best known album is Debut (1993), the first of her solo albums.

After all Björk is a singer who has her very own style to dress, to make music videos and to sing. Her musical style is something between electronic, classic, jazz, ambient, alternative, folk, IDM and trip hop and the scale of her sopranolike voice is vide. Her crazy and wild costumes are her brand but on the other side she is a rough and plain northern girl (like in the picture on the top). She has got 13 Grammy - awards and named for "the best actress in 2000" in Cannes.

Her latest album "Volta" was published in 2007.

Check also: Who it is, Joga, Army of me.

If you ever get close to a human
And human behaviour
Be ready, be ready to get confused
There's definitely, definitely, definitely no logic
To human behaviour

But yet so, yet so irresistible
And there's no map and a compass wouldn't help at all

They're terribly moody
And human behaviour

Then all of a sudden turn happy

But, oh, to get involved in the exchange of human emotions
Is ever so, ever so satisfying

Oh oh, and there's no map
Human behaviour, human

Human, human behaviour, human

Human, human behaviour, human
Human behaviour, human

And there's no map
And a compass

Wouldn't help at all

Human behaviour, human, human
Human behaviour, human,

Human behaviour, human,
Human behaviour

There's definitely, definitely, definitely no logic
Human, human

Human behaviour
There's definitely, definitely, definitely no logic

Human, human, human, human.

April 27, 2010


Garou (Pierre Ganard) was borned in Québec in 1972. He is a Canadian pop singer who rise to the celebrity in 1998 because of the musical Notre-Dame de Paris where he played the part of the bell-ringer Quasimodo. After the year 2000 and his first album "Seul" ("Alone") he has been a whole time singer. In 2000 he recorded a duet with the famous Celine Dion who is also from Canada. He has mostly sang in French but his first English album "Piece of my soul" was published in 2008. His latest album is from 2009 called "Gentleman Cambrioleur" ("Gentleman Robber").

Since 1999 Garou has been part of the enorme group of francophonic artists and musicians called les Enfoirés.
One specially touching song (and video) is "L'injustice" ("The injustice").

See also: "Et si on dormait" ("What if we would sleep")and "Pendant que mes cheveux poussent" ("During when my hair grows") and an interview.


(D. Barbelivien)
De l'Afrique
Il reste quelques soleils gris et sales
De l'Amérique

Un drapeau qui perd sa guerre des étoiles
D' la politique
Des idées qui ne brillent que par l'argent
De la musique
Quelques DJ's pour trois milliards de gens

**C' n'est pas "L'adieu aux armes"
C'est un monde qui disparaît
Les missiles n'ont pas le charme
Du vieux fusil d'Hemingway
Et "Pour qui sonne le glas"
Dans ce monde "anyway"
Chacun de nous finira
Comme le vieil Hemingway **

Du Grand Nord
Restent quelques chercheurs d'or faméliques
D'nos corps à corps
D' l'amour enrobé de matière plastique
Des conquistadors
Plantés devant leurs écrans numériques
Des cons qui s'adorent
J'en connais plus que de femmes érotiques

**C' n'est pas "L'adieu aux armes"... **


From Africa
was left some gray and dirty suns
From America
A flag which will lose it's war of stars
From politics
The ideas which shine just through the money
From music
Some Djs for 3 miljard people

**It's not ”A Farewell to Arms”
It's a world that dissappears
The missiles do not have le charme
From the old arms of Hemingway
And ”For Whom the Bell Tolls”
In this world ”anyway”
Everyone of us meets the end
Like the old Hemingway**

From the great North
Was left some starved golddiggers
From body to body
Love coated with plastic
The conquistadors
Planted in front of countless screens
The fools who love
From them I know mostly erotic women

**It's not ”A Farewell to Arms”...** (2x)

April 26, 2010

Ville Pusa

Picture is from here.
Ville Pusa is an in Sweden borned Finnish rock pop musician, songwriter and singer who sings in Swedish. Thanks for the Swedish Teater in Helsinki he was part of a Hype musical project and after that he is known also from other musicals for example Hair, Grease and Saturday Night Fever.

Pusas singer carreer started in 1995 and his first own album "Elva steg" ("Eleven steps") was published in 1998. His single "Du" ("You") was the first Finnish song to be number one on the MTV Nordic list. Pusa is also known as a composer and lyricist and he collaborates with the known finnish artists. Some of his tracks have been in composed for Finnish Idols and Eurovison Contests. Though his life has been a struggle after his wife died of cancer in 2008 (she was only 26 years old) he had continued his carreer as a singer and musical acter and in his private life he is a single parent for a 3-years-old daughter called Dana. Now he has met a lovely woman Riikka Pietilä and they are planning the wedding...


(Ville Pusa)
Det finns så många saker jag vill säga dig
Saker som jag går och bär inom mig
Men hur ska jag någonsin nå dig och din värld

Jag klamrar mig fast och håller hårt, du glider ifrån
Du talar bara om dina drömmar du någon dag ska nå
Du ler och säger allt är bra, fast du gråter ändå

Säg mig vem är du, säg mig vem är jag,
Vilken roll spelar du nu?
Det är så svårt att hitta ut när man lever ett liv som du
Allting som jag gör, allting som vi gjort
Åh, jag orkar inte mer
En ängel faller ner och hon vill bara ha mer

Försöker springa, försöker att gå, men ändå
Vart du än vänder dig så finns det alltid någon som trycker på
Så när festen tagit slut, står du ensam kvar

Det finns så många saker jag vill säga dig....

There are so many things I want to say to you
Things I go and carry inside me
But how I'll never reach you or your world
I stick to and hold on tight, you slip away
You talk only about your dreams you someday can reach
You smile and say everything's okay, though you still cry
*Tell me who you are, tell me who I am
Who are you now trying to be?
It's hard to find out when you live a life you do
Everything you do, everything we've done
Oh, I can't stand anymore
An angel falls down and she just wants more*
Try to run, try to walk, but still
Wherever you turn to there's always someone to press
So when party's over, you stay standing alone
There are so many things I want to say to you
*Tell me who you are..*

April 25, 2010

Omar Naber

Picture is from here
OMAR NABER is a singer and songwriter from Slovenia. He graduated as dental technician but he changed the career to be a musician. He won the Slovenian version of Talent - show and acted for Slovenia in Eurovision Song Contest 2005 with the following song "Stop". Now he is one of Slovenias most popular singers.

Na prasen zid naslonim se
Z vso mocjo upiram se
Potrkam in upam, da sploh ne slisis me
A vrata odpres, kot da ti vseeno je
Zakaj se oba pretvarjava?
Z njegovim poljubom si ti podpisana

Daj zvezi mi roke, da se utopim
V tvojem narocju v lazeh izkrvavim
Vsaj reci mi stop, ko v oci gledam te
Vsaj nocoj

Daj zvezi mi roke, da se utopim
V tvojem narocju v lazeh izkrvavim
Vsaj reci mi stop, ko v oci gledam te
Vsaj nocoj brani me

Ze dolgo skrivas mi s poljubi med dlani
In tezkega srca dvomis v naju dva
Kot prah obrisi me
Pod prsti zrusi vse
Da ne spotaknem se ob upanje

Daj zvezi mi roke, da se utopim
V tvojem narocju v lazeh izkrvavim
Vsaj reci mi stop, ko v oci gledam te
Vsaj nocoj brani me, brani me

La la la …

I lean on a dusty wall
Resisting with all my strength
I knock and hope that you don't hear me
You open the door as if you don't care
Why do we both pretend?
You have the sign of his kiss on you

Come on; tie my hands so I can drown
In lies I bleed to death in your lap
At least say stop, when I'm looking into your eyes
At least tonight

Come on; tie my hands so I can drown
In lies I bleed to death in your lap
At least say stop, when I'm looking into your eyes
Defend me, at least tonight

For a long time you have hidden the kisses between your hands
And with a heavy heart, doubt us both
Wipe me away as if I was dust
Crush everything with your fingers
So I can't stumble towards hope

Come on; tie my hands so I can drown
In lies I bleed to death in your lap
At least say stop, when I'm looking into your eyes
Defend me, at least tonight, defend me

La la la …

(english version is from

April 24, 2010

Tommi Läntinen

Picture is from here
TOMMI LÄNTINEN is a Finnish pop-rock musician. His career started in 1980 and he sang first in English then in 1994 in Finnish. His greatest hits have been "Syvälle sydämeen sattuu" ("It hurts deep in my heart"), "Kevät ja minä" ("Spring and I") and "Älä unta nää" ("Do not see dreams"). His latest album "Liekki palaa" ("A flame burns") was released late in 2009.

Check also: "Villi ja vapaa" ("Wild and free"), "Via Dolorosa", "Se on rock" ("It's rock"), "Rööperin kuu" ("The moon of Punavuori/Rödberg ("Redmountain" - a place in Helsinki in Finland)), "Kuutamolla" ("At the moonlight"), "Sateliitti" ("Satellite").

(Juha Tapaninen & Pekka Pohjola)
Äiti, en tahdo mennä kouluun
Äiti, saan aina olla yksin
Ei kukaan musta välitä
Saan aina yksin leikkiä
Äiti, miks toiset vaan kiusaa?
Mutsi hei, mä tahdon uuden videon
Tiiätsä mutsi, missä meidän faija on?
En lukea, en tahdo tavata, en sydäntäni avata
Mutsi hei, mä en mee enää kouluun
Usein on vaikeaa elämäänsä aloittaa
Niin pienillä siivillä lentää
Voi kuinka koskee
Kelle sen kertoisin
Syvälle sydämeen sattuu
Sattuu, pienet hartiat kun alas painuu
Koskee, paha lääkettä on siihen löytää
Kiusaajat saapuvat, näytös voi alkaa
Koskee, kun sivusta vain sitä katson
Yksin taas välitunnilla hän seisoo
Niin yksin, pois leikeistä toisten
Pikku zorrot, pikku prinsessat
Kohta aikuisiksi kasvavat
Ne kostaa, et sydäntä voi niiltä ostaa
Voi kuinka koskee
Kelle sen kertoisin
Syvälle sydämeen sattuu
Voi kuinka koskee
Toiset ei ymmärrä
Syvälle sydämeen sattuu

Mum, I don't want to go to school
Mum, I'm there always alone
No-one cares about me
I always have to play alone
Mum, why the others just tease?

Mother hey, I want a new video
Do you know mum, where my father is?
I don't want to read, don't want to spell,
don't want to open my heart

Mother hey, I'm not going to school anymore

Frequently it is hard to begin to live
To fly with so small wings

Oh, how it hurts
To who to tell this?
It hurts deep in the heart

It hurts, little shoulders sadly down
Aching - it's hard to find a medicine for it
Tempters arrive and the game can beginn
It hurts when I stand aside and watch it

A break and there he stands alone
So alone out off others games
Little Zorros, little princesses
Soon will grow up
They will revenge - you can't by their hearts

Oh, how it hurts
To who to tell this?
It hurts deep in the heart

Oh, how it hurts
The others won't understand this
It hurts deep in the heart

April 23, 2010


Picture is from here
Nordman is a Swedish folk-rock-pop band. There are two members: the singer Håkan Hemlin and Mats Wester who plays "nyckelharpa" (something like "keyharp") one kind of old violin. Their best known hits are "Be mig" ("Beg me"), "Det sista du ser" ("The last you see") and "Vandraren" ("The wanderer"). This year was released Normans eighth album "Korsväg" ("Crossroad").

Check also: "Främlingen" ("The stranger"), "Ödet var min väg" ("Destiny was my road"), "På mossen" ("At swamp"), "Vill ha mer" (live) ("Want more"), "Du behöver" ("You need").

(Mats Wester/Py Bäckman)
Vandraren har ingenstans att gå,
När han kommit fram till slutet.
Månen färgar alla skuggor blå,
Han är ensam kvar där ute.
Långt där borta från en enslig gård,
Lyser värmen ut i natten.
Väcker hungern i hans frusna kropp,
Som har levt på luft och vatten.

*Det gör ont, men gå ändå,
Du kan alltid vända om.
Det gör ont, men gå ända,
Du är här och kom hit som en vandrare. *

Klockan ringer för en ensam själ,
Den har lånat röst av döden.
Vill den illa eller vill den väl,
När den räknar våra öden.
Sluta tänka det är svårt ändå,
Du får ta en dag i taget.
Vandraren har ingenstans att gå,
Om han går vid sista slaget.

*Det gör ont, men gå ändå... *

The wanderer has no where to go,
When he has come to the end
The moon colours all the shadows blue
He is alone out there
Far away from the lonely courtyard
The warmth shines to the night
It awakes hunger in the frosen body
That has lived in the air and water

*It hurts, but go anyway
You can always turn around
It hurts, but go anyway,
you are here and came here like a wanderer*

The bell rings for a lonely soul
It has lend the voice of the death
Want it bad or want it god
When it counts our destiny
Stop thinking ”it's hard anyway”
You can take one day at the time
The wanderer has nowhere to go
If he goes by the last sruggle

*It hurts, but go anyway.. *

April 22, 2010

Anssi Kela

ANSSI KELA is a Finnish pop-rock singer and songwriter. He also palys guitar, bas, drums ect. In 2001 his first album Nummela (a place in Finnland) was released. Kelas songs like "Mikan faijan BMW"("BMW of Mika's father") "Puistossa" ("in the park"), "1972" and "Milla" became radio hits. He makes still music though he is not anymore on the top. 24.3.2010 his first collection album will be released.

Check also: "Kaksi sisarta" ("Two sisters"), "Aamu" ("Morning"), "Faijan haamu" ("Daddys gohst"), "Laulu pettyneille" ("The song for disappointed"), "Huonoo kemiaa" with Jippu ("Bad chemistry").


kerran teki Jumalan
luokan kattoon nuuskallaan
se näköjään yrittää vieläkin viiksiä kasvattaa

taisin joskus rakastaa
mut se ei halunnut olla mun kaa
ajoi kaljuksi päänsä
naisen kanssa asustaa

poika etupulpetin
nuo samat rillit vieläkin
istuu nurkassa yksin ihan niin kuin ennenkin

silloin Roopea kadehdin
hänen elämänsä halusin
tanssilattialla sen housut putoo nilkkoihin

**meidän piti muuttaa maailma
meistä tuli muurareita
taksikuskeja, suutareita
yksinhuoltajaäitejä, autokauppiaita
meistä tuli lääkäreitä
virkamiehiä, vääpeleitä
ja tänään voidaan hetki olla kuninkaita**

pallon kosketus kultainen
olisi ammattilainen
jos ei ois kännipäissään pudonnut louhokseen

Kaunis Jasmin
se aikoi malliksi Pariisiin
hyvältä näyttää vieläkin
taas kertoo kuinka pääsi Miss Lohja -finaaliin

**Meidän piti muuttaa maailma...**

Kun lakit päähän vedettiin
kaikesta kaikki tiedettiin
mitä vanhemmiksi vartutaan
sitä tyhmemmiksi muututaan
enkä minä ainakaan
mistään tiedä paskaakaan
eilen kun kotiin palasin
avain ei sovi lukkoihin
ikkunasta vaatteitani lentää

**Meidän piti muuttaa maailma.. **

ystävä takaa vuosien
ennen meni tunteja jutellen
"oli kiva nähdä", nyt muuta sanoa osaa en


Once made a god
On the classrooms roof with his snuff
It seems like he is still trying to grow moustache

I guess
I loved Susanna once
But she didn't want to be with me
Cut her head bald, and now lives with a woman

Boy of the front line
Those same glasses still
Sits alone in the corner, just like before

I was jealous to Roope back then
I wanted his life
Now his pants falling down on the dance floor

We were supposed to change the world

**We became bricklayers,
Taxi drivers, shoemakers
Single parent mothers, car sellers
We became doctors,
Officers, sergeant majors
And today we can be kings for a while **

The golden touch to ball
Would be a professional
If would not have fallen into excaviation while drunk

Beautiful Jasmin
Planned to be a model at Paris
Still looking good
Once again telling how she got into Miss Lohja finals

We were supposed to change the world

**We became bricklayers... **

As we put on the caps
We knew everything about everything
The older we get
The dumber we become
And at least I do not
Know shit about anything
Yesterday when I came home
The key isn't fitting the locks
My clothes are flying down from the window

We were supposed to change the world

**We became bricklayers..**

A friend from years ago
Before hours passed as we talked
"It was nice to meet you"
Now there is nothing else I am able to say

(Translate by Scarecrowking)

April 21, 2010

Natasha St-Pier

Natasha St-Pier is born in 1981 in Canada. She started her carrer in 1999 by performing in Notre-Dame de Paris - musical and in 1996 was her first album "Émergence" ("The birth") released in Canada. Her second album "À chacun son histoire" ("Everyone has own history") was a success. She performed in Eurovision Song Contest 2001 collaborating with Pascal Obispo and was the fourth with song "Je n'ai que mon âme" ("I have just my soul"). Now in the beginning of 2010 she has a grand tour and her sixth album is released. Nowadays she lives in Paris.
Both St-Pier and Florent Pagny (who features the following song) are also part of les Enfoirés a group that consist of massive amount of francophonic singers and musicians. Pagny was member in early 90's and in 2002. As for St-Pier has been member since 2003.

Check also: "Tu trouveras" ("You'll find out"), "Un ange frappe à ma porte" ("An angel knocks on my door"), "Quand on cherche l'amour" ("When you are after love"), "Grandir c'est dire je t'aime" ("Growing that's to say I love you").

LÀ-BAS with Florent Pagny
(Jean-Jacques Goldman)

Là bas
Tout est neuf et tout est sauvage

Libre continent sans grillage

Ici nos rêves sont étroits

C'est pour ça que j'irai là bas

Là bas

Faut du coeur et faut du courage

Mais tout est possible à mon âge

Si tu as la force et la foi

L'or est à portée de tes doigts

C'est pour ça que j'irai là bas

N'y va pas
Y a des tempêtes et des naufrages

Le feu, les diables et les mirages

Je te sais si fragile parfois
Reste au creux de moi

On a tant d'amour à faire

Tant de bonheur à venir
Je te veux mari et père

Mais toi tu rêves de partir

Ici tout est joué d'avance

Et l'on y peut rien changer

Tout dépend de ta naissance
Et moi je ne suis pas bien né

Là bas

Loin de nos vies, de nos villages
J'oublierai ta voix, ton visage

J'ai beau te serrer dans mes bras

Tu m'échappes déjà là bas

J'aurai ma chance et j'aurai mes droits

N'y va pas
Et la fierté qu'ici je n'ai pas

Là bas

Tout ce que tu mérites est à toi

N'y va pas
Ici les autres imposent leurs lois

Là bas
Je te perdrai peut-être là bas
N'y va pas je me perds si je reste là
Là bas

La vie ne m'a pas laissé le choix
N'y va pas
Toi et moi ce sera là bas ou pas

Là bas
Tout est neuf et tout est sauvage

N'y va pas

Libre continent sans grillage
Là bas
Beau comme on imagine pas
N'y va pas
Ici nos rêves sont étroits
Là bas C'est pour ça que j'irai là bas
N'y va pas
On ne m'a pas laissé le choix

Là bas Je me perds si je reste là
N'y va pas
C'est pour ça que j'irai là bas


Everything's new and wild
A free continent without grating
Here our dreams are narrow
That's why I'll go there

Heart and courage are missing
But everything is possibble at my age
If you got the force and the belief
You have brought gold in your fingers
That's why I'll go there

Don't go there
There are storms and shipwrecks
The fire, the devil and the mirage
I know you are so fragile sometimes
Stay in my arms

We have so much to love
All the good is coming
I want you to be a husbend and a father
And you, you dream of leaving

Here everything is directed in advance
And there is nothing to change them
Everything depends on your birth
And my origin is not good

Away from our lives, our villages
I'll forget your voice, your face
In vain I hold you thight in my arms
You escape already, there

I'll have a chance, I'll have my rights
Don't go there
And the pride here I don't have it
There All that you deserve is yours
Don't go there
Here the others force on their laws
I'll would loose you there maybe
Don't go there
But I loose myself if I stay there
Life doesn't give me the choise
Don't go there
You and me, that would be there or not
Everything is new and wild
Don't go there
A free continent without laws
Beautiful like we never imagined
Don't go there
Here our dreams are narrow
That's why I'll go there
Don't go there
I have no choise left
I loose myself if I stay there
Don't go there
That's why I'll go there

April 20, 2010

Heather Nova

Borned in Bermuda 1967 and now she is an alternative-rock singer. She has played guitar and violin as a child and her first song she wrote when she was 12. In 1993 her first album "Glow Stars" was released and she moved to London. Her hits are "London Rain", "Walk this world" and "Welcome". Now she lives in Bermuda with her husbend and their six years old son.

Chek also: "Virus of the mind", "I'm no angel", "A way to live", "Like lovers do", Homepage, MySpace.


Where the silence falls
There the river runs deep
Where the shadow ends
So begins the dream
Where the hunger leads me
It’s hard to believe
I’ll be lost to you

It’s the blood that ties
It’s the hurt that heals
It’s the face you hide*
Hides the pain you feel
So hold me up now
Yeah, I’m afraid to breathe
An’ I’m lost to you
Yeah, I’m lost to you

I believe in a heaven
I believe in the night
I believe there’s a path to follow
I believe in the light
Part of you is the devil
Part of you is the light
I’m gonna fly
Through the city of angels

Hold me under
Let the river wash away my sins
Let me drown and you
Let the water and the love rush you
You can hear me whisper
When you’re listenin’
And I’m lost to you
Yeah, lost to you

*I believe ...*

It’s the blood that ties
It’s the hurt that heals
It’s the face you hide
Hides the pain you feel
So hold me up now
I long to believe
And I’m lost to you
Yeah, lost to you

*I believe …* (2x)

Oh - through the city of angels....