April 30, 2010

Patricia Kaas

Patricia Kaas (5.12.1966) is a French chanson pop jazz blues singer and lyricist. She is one of the most popular singers from France. Her deep and strong voice is unique. She published her first song in 1985 when she was only 19 years old. Her first hit was "Mademoiselle chante le blues" ("Miss sings the blues") and it was made by lyricist Didier Barbelivien.

Kaas has also played in a film called "And now... Ladies and Gentlemen" with Jeremy Irons in 2002. In 2009 Kaas performed and participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow with song "Et s'il fallait le faire" ("And if it would have done"). Though she reached the eight place and she was praised, I myself regared her song not as brilliant and powerfull as her songs normally are.
Since 1992 Kaas has been irregularly part of Les Enfoirés the great goup of francophonic singers.

Check also: Mon mec à moi ("My guy"), Quand j'ai peur de tout ("When I'm afraid of everything"), Dans ma chair ("On my chair"), Regarde les riches (Look at rich people), Kennedy Rose, Il me dit que je suis belle ("He said to me that I am beautiful")

In the translation I have used the parenthesis to mark the parts that are in German.


(D. Barbelivien /F. Bernheim & D. Barbelivien)

Où j'écoute la
Pluie en vacances

Où j'entends le rock en silence
Où j'ai des souvenirs d'en face
Où j'ai des souvenirs d'enfance
Leninplatz et anatole France

L'histoire passée est une injure
L'avenir est une aventure
Je connais les sens interdits
Je sais où dorment les fusils
Je sais où s'arrête l'indulgence

*Auf wiedersehn Lili Marlène
Reparlez-moi des roses de Göttingen
Qui m'accompagnent
Dans l'autre allemagne
À l'heure où colombes
Et vautours s'éloignent
De quel côté du mur,
La frontière vous rassure*

J'ai des histoires d'amour sincère
Je plane sur des musiques d'appolinaire
Le romantisme est plus violents
Des violons jouent toujours plus lents
Des valses viennoises ordinaires

*Auf wiedersehen... *

Ich habe eine kleine Wildblume
Eine Flamme die zwischen den Volken blüht

J'ai une petite fleur dans le coeur
Qui est comme l'idée du bonheur
Qui va grandir comme un arbre

*Auf wiedersehen... *

Auf wiedersehn Lili Marlène
Reparlez-moi des roses de Göttingen

In Germany
Where I listen to the rain on vacation
In Germany
Where I hear the rock in silence
In Germany
Where I have souvenirs that face me
Where I have souvenirs of childhood
Leninplatz and Anatole France

Passed history is an insult
The future is an adventure
I know the prohibited opinions
I know where the weapons do sleep
I know where the indulgence stops

*(Goodbye) Lili Marlène
Tell me again
About the roses of Göttingen
Which accompany me
To the other Germany
When doves and
Vultures draw away
Which side of the wall
The frontier makes you calm?*

From Germany
I have stories about sincere love
I float over the musics of Apollinaire
In Germany
The romanticim is more violent
The violins play
Every day slowlier
The ordinary Viennese waltz

*(Goodbye) Lili... *

(I have no wild flowers
A flame that blooms between the clouds)

I have a little flower in heart
That is like an idea of goodnes
That will grow like a tree

*(Goodbye) Lili... *

(Goodbye) Lili Marlène
Tell me again
About the roses of Göttingen

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