September 28, 2010


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Kyo is a pop rock band from France formed in 1994. Kyo consist of four members:(from the left)  brothers Fabien Dubos (drums) and Florian Dubos (backing vocals, guitar), Benoît Poher (vocals, guitar) and Nicolas Chassange (guitar). Their first major hit was Le chemin ("The road") featuring Dutch singer Sita. Their activity lamed before 2007 when they released their fourth and summing the Best of album. Poher has written songs for such artists as Emma Daumas, Thierry Amiel and Emmanuel Moire (more about him later).

And by the way the name Kyo comes from a King of Fighter video game character.

Though at some point Kyo feels like just another Westlife it's partly more rocking but still sweetlike boyish band. And in my opinion Benoît's and Florian's voices combine very beautifully.

Check also: Il est temps ("It's time"), Je n'veux pas oublier ("I don't wanna forget"), Comme le mond est grand ("As/For the world is grand"), Qui je suis ("Who I am"), L'enfer ("Hell"), Dernière danse ("The last danse"), Je saigne encore live, More about Kyo.


Il a le droit de poser ses mains sur ton corps
Il a le droit de respirer ton odeur
Il a même droit aux regards qui le rendent plus fort
Mets-moi la chaleur de ta voix dans le coeur

*Et ça fait mal, crois moi, une lame enfoncée loin dans mon âme
Regarde en toi, même pas l'ombre d'une larme
Et je saigne encore, je souris à la mort
Tout ce rouge sur mon corps
Je te blesse dans un dernier effort *

Il aime caresser ton visage quand tu t'endors
Et toi tu te permets de dire encore encore
Je sais que ce qui ne tue pas nous rend plus fort
Mais moi, mais moi je suis déjà mort

*Ca fait mal, crois moi... *

Mais je saigne encore, je souris à la mort
Mais je saigne encore,
Tout ce rouge sur mon corps (3x)

He has the right to put his hands upon your body
He has the right to breathe your odour
He has even the right to those looks that make him stronger
Put the warmth of your voice into my heart

*And it hurts, believe me, a blade pushed far away from my soul
Look at you there is not even a shadow of a tear
And I still bleed, I smile to death
All that red on my body
With my last effort I hurt you *

He loves to caress your face when you're asleep
And you let you say once more - once more
I know that what doesn't kill makes us stronger
But I - but I am already dead

*It hurts, believe me... *

But I still bleed, I smile to death
But I still bleed
All that red on my body (3x)

September 23, 2010

Luis Fonsi

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Now to quite different music style. Luis Alfonso Rodríguez López-Cepero known as his artistical name Luis Fonsi is a Puerto Rican singer, musician, lyricist and composer. He also has acted in tv serie Corazones al limite ("Hearts to the limit") and got and won lots of awards and prizes.

The songs of Luis Fonsi are mostly Spanish pop ballads.

This song Llueve por dentro ("It rains inside") I heard once and I got caught. I don't know why for this song isn't so different to other pop ballads. But when I listen to this I'm sadly happy...

Check also: Estoy perdido ("I'm lost"), Aunque estes con el ("Though you're with him"), Lagrimas del mar ("Tears of sea"), La mentira ("Lie"), Me matas ("You kill me"), Vives en mi ("You live in me"), Quien te dijo eso ("Who said you that"), Album Review.

¿Que puedo hacer? 
Llueve por dentro
Y el corazon me duele y se deshace
Pienso en ti 
Quiero volar y remontar esta tristeza
Para escaparme 

Quiero vivir por siempre junto a ti
No importa nada 
Y olvida este silencio que se roba mis mañanas, 
Libera y acordala

*Hoy llueve por dentro de mí, en mí 
Atravieso el cielo por ti
Se inunda el corazon mientras te pienso
Cuando tú no estas llueve por dentro *

¿Que puedo hacer si tu mirada se clava en mí?
Luego me arranca el alma 
No hay adios
Solo hay entre tu y yo una distancia 
Que nos separa

Quiero reir como lo hicimos esa madrugada
Y poco a poco rescatar el sol de tus mañanas
Y el viento entre alas

*Hoy llueve por dentro...*

Me es imposible amarte de lejos, de lejos
Pero siento que muero si no te tengo

*Hoy llueve por dentro... *

What can I do?
It rains inside
And the heart hurts me and commands
I think about you
I want to fly and overcome this sadness
For to escape

I want to live forever with you
Nothing is important
And to forget this silence that steals my mornings
To free and to concur it

*Today it rains inside me, in me
I cross the sky for you
Heart inundates when i think about you
When you are not, it rains inside *

What can I do if your look nails me?
Later it pulls out my soul
There's no goodbye
Only a distance between me and you
That separates us

I want to laugh like we used to do in the dawn
And little by little rescue the sun of your mornings
And the wind between your wings

*Today it rains...*

It's impossible to love you from far, fom far
But I feel that I die without you

*Today it rains...*

I saw Luis Fonsi in Madrid in summer 2011

September 18, 2010


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Rammstein a German rock band was founded by Richard Z. Kruspe in 1994. There are six members: Till Lindemann (lead vocals), Paul H. Landers (backing vocals, guitar), Rickhard Z. Kruspe (backing vocals, lead guitar), Oliver "Ollie" Riedel (bass), Christian "Flake" Lorenz (keyboards) and Christoph "Doom" Schneider (percussion). They are known by their dark songs and way to perform with huge pyrotechnics. Mostly their songs are in German but also songs that are partially or entirely in English, Spanish, Russian and French. Their lyrics are partly shocking (let alone music videos!) and partly full of words of literaly style and very sophisticated.

Rammstein has got may awards and it's known all over the world and in November and December the band will perform around the South America.

The following song is agonizing and powerful and the whole idea of the song is terrible. But this song is so impressive.

Check also: Amerika English version("America"), Heirate mich with subtitles("Marry me"), Los ("Loose/Fate/-less/let's(go)"), Ich tu dir weh ("I hurt you"), Ohne dich ("Without you"), Ich will ("I want"), Links,2,3,4 ("Left,2,3,4"), Keine lust ("Not amused/No lust"), Seemann ("Seaman"), Stirb nicht vor mir ("Don't die before I do"), Moskau with tATu ("Moscow"), Amour.

Ich habe Pläne große Pläne
Ich baue dir ein Haus
Jeder Stein ist eine Träne
Und du ziehst nie wieder aus
Ja ich baue ein Häuschen dir
Hat keine Fenster keine Tür
Innen wird es dunkel sein
Dringt überhaupt kein Licht hinein

Ja ich schaffe dir ein Heim
Und du sollst Teil des Ganzen sein

*Stein um Stein mauer ich dich ein
Stein um Stein
Ich werde immer bei dir sein *

Ohne Kleider ohne Schuh
Siehst du mir bei der Arbeit zu
Mit den Füßen im Zement
Verschönerst du das Fundament
Draußen wird ein Garten sein
Und niemand hört dich schreien

*Stein um Stein... *

Welch' ein Klopfen welch' ein Hämmern
Draußen fängt es an zu dämmern
Alle Nägel stehen stramm
Wenn ich sie in dein Leibholz Ramm –

*Stein um Stein... *

I have plans, big plans
I'm gonna build you a house
Every stone is a tear
And you will never move out
Yes I build you a little house
With no windows, no door
There will be dark inside
No light will shine inside

I'll get you a home
And you shall be part of that all

*Stone by stone 
I mason you inside
Stone by stone
I will always be by your side *

Without clothes, without shoes
You watch me working
Feet in concrete

You make the foundation look beautiful
Outside there will be a garden
And no one will hear you screaming

*Stone by stone... *

What a knock, what a hammering
Outside it's getting dark
All nails standing in line
When I hammer them into your wooden body

*Stone by stone... *
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September 13, 2010

Pablo Moro

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Pablo Moro is a Spanish singer from Oviedo. In 2005 Moro's and his band's Chicos Listos' first album was released and in 2009 their third and latest album "Pequeños placeres domésticos" ("Little domestic pleasures") was published. Moro has won two AMAS awards (an annual asturian music award)in 2006 as best lyricist and in 2007 with the best album. In 2008 Moro started to conquire Latin America by publishing an album in Argentina and performing in Latinoamerican festivals.

Following song "Ganar o perder" ("To win or to loose") is exceptional song for the back chorus consist of different althletes(you can see them in the music video!): Rosa Fernández (mountaineer), Javi Villa (GP2 driver),  Santi Pérez (cyclist), Manolo López (handball player), Óscar Fernández (World champion of judo), Mejuto González (football referee) and Paul Folgueras (football player). The song is about solidary and it was made to celebrate la X Gala de la Solidaridad. More about the song you can find here(in Spanish).

Check also: Jólivuz ("Hollywood"), El último vals (The last walz"), Tic tac, Smoking Point, Vodka y caramelos ("Vodka and caramels").

El corazón a mil por hora,
empapado en sudor.
Aunque no pases a la historia
siempre serás un ganador.

Una conquista, un nuevo reto,
con los dientes apretados,
la medalla es el esfuerzo,
el simple hecho de haberlo intentado.

No es la meta lo que importa,
es el resto del trayecto.
El camino más rápido hacia la victoria,
Nunca es el camino recto.

*Da igual perder o ganar
si das todo lo que llevas dentro.
Da igual ganar o perder
triunfar es sólo una manera de ser.*

Vivir a un paso de la gloria,
apostar echando el resto,
sólo quedan en la memoria
los triunfos más honestos.

Aunque no siempre gane el mejor,
el mejor saldrá ganando.
No tiene siempre suerte el campeón,
pero vuelve a intentarlo.

*Da igual... *

Heart beats thousend times in a moment
Drenched in sweat
Though you don't stay in history
Your'e always a winner

A conquest, a new ahallenge
With compressed teeth
The medal is an effort
A simple act to attempt

It's not the goal that matters
it's the rest of the route.
The fastest way towards the victory
Is never the right one

*To win or to loose it's the same
If you give all you got inside
To loose or to win it's all the same
To triumph is only one way to be *

 Live for a way to glory
To bet by leaving the rest
In memory stays only
The most honest triumphs

Though one doesn't always win the best
The best will profit
The champion isn't always lucky
But s/he will try

*To win or to loose...*

September 08, 2010


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Apulanta a Finnish rock band is founded in 1991. The members are now Toni Wirtanen (composing, lyrics, vocals, guitar), Simo "Sipe" Santapukki (back vocals, drums) and from year 2005 Sami Lehtinen (back vocals, bass). Along with rock the genres are alternately changed from punk to alternative rock, nu metal, pop rock and hard rock. Anyway the music has changed to a bit heavier style.

The head singer of the band Toni Wirtanen makes also the deep lyrics. He takes his time to  write the songs and the topics are based on hard issues like mental health and life itself.

Apulanta has also done two publications in English though their main language is Finnish. Fans of Apulanta you can find mostly from Finland and Germany but also from other lands in Europe.

The latest album Kuutio ("Cube") was released in 2008 and in 2009 Apulanta won Emma-Award thanks for the album.

I think the absolutely best thing about Apulanta is the lyrics. Sometimes they are hard to understand for they have so deep meaning and toughtful words. And yes angst of North you can find from their music... :)
Check also: Pahempi toistaan ("Both worse than the other"), Viisaus ei asu meissä ("Wisdom doesn't live in us"), Hiekka ("Sand"), Jumala (with english translation) ("God"), Trauma ("The trauma"), Ravistettava ennen käyttöä ("Shake before opening"), Runalla ("On the edge"), Bring me down (English version of "Reunalla"),Vasten mun kasvojani ("Against my face"), Armo ("Mercy"), Turvallista matkaa helvettiin ("Safe journey to hell").

music & lyrics Toni Wirtanen

Koneeseen kadonnutta
ei voi takaisin saada
Kulutettu, käytetty
ruokkimaan ympyrää

Luotettu ehkä liikaa
siihen että aika korjaa
se minkä vuoksi nähtiin
niin kovin paljon vaivaa

Että hajalle saatiin
Se mikä kauniiksi tarkoitettiin

*Kipu kuolee huutamalla
alastomana lattialla
Miten kauan sitä kestää
ei, sitä ei voi tietää
Kehen sattuu ja kuinka paljon
siitä kysymys enää tässä kai on
Kun on saavuttu siihen pisteeseen
ettei mikään ole varmaa*

Maailman pisimmät tunnit
niiden otteeseen jää kiinni
Niitä kantaa loppuun asti
vaikka itse ei aina huomaa

Millainen on se taivas
jota ei löydetty koskaan
Olen kuullut paljon siitä
osan jopa omasta suustani

Voi niin pitkälle jaksaa
kun itsellensä vakuuttaa

*Kipu kuolee huutamalla... *

Joku meistä on onneton
palanut mutta tunnoton
katuva mutta uskoton
enemmän kuin rauhaton

Periaate on ehdoton
perustelu on aukoton
yhtälö ehkä mahdoton
Miten niin muka armoton? (5x)

*Kipu kuolee huutamalla... *
Gone into machine
Can't get it back
It's consumed, it's used
To feed the circle
One has trusted maybe too much
In that time will heal
The one for what
One has worked so much
So that we broke
What was ment to be beautiful
*Pain dies by screaming
Naked on the floor
How much will it take?
No,no one cannot know it
To who does it hurt and how much?
That's the question - I guess
When we have passed the point of no certainity * 
The most longest hours of the world
They hold on you
And you will carry them to the end 
Though you don't notice it by yourself
What kind of heaven it is
The one we never found?
I have heard so much about it
Some things even from my own lips
So far you can carry on
When you convince yourself
*Pain dies by screaming... *
Someone of us is hopeless
Burned but numb
Remorseful but unfaithful
More than calmless
The principle is absolute
Explanation has no chinks
Equation maybe impossible
How could it be merciless? (5x)
*Pain dies by screaming... * 
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September 05, 2010

Los Ronaldos

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Los Ronaldos is now first gift of souvenir from my trip to Spain. The band is formed already in 1987 in Madrid. The five members of the Spanish band are Coque Malla (vocals), Luis Martín (guitar), Daniel Parra (percussion), Ricardo Morena (percussion) and Luis García (bass).  The song that I'll share with you "Adiós, papá" ("Goodbye, dad") is a hit from 80's. I heard it from the radio and I wrote it down for to find it back home. 

The seventh and the latest album of los Ronaldos was released in 2008 though they had disbanded in 1996 (but united again in 21st century).

Check also: No puedo vivir sin ti ("I can't live without you"), Sí, sí ("Yes,yes"), Guardalo con amor ("Guard it with your love"), Hasta que digas sí ("'till you say yes"), Idiota ("Idiot"), Tú solo piensa en ti ("You think about yourself only")

Esta noche voy a cogerte bien
nos iremos a casa de tu papá
llamaré a la puerta, nos esconderemos
tiraremos piedras para no quedar bien

Y cuando piensen quién ha sido le diremos que no,
no han sido tus amigos, allí nadie quedó.
ya no sabes qué hacer

*Adiós papá, adiós papá,
consíguenos un poco de dinero más
consíguenos un poco de dinero más
más dinero *

Contarás las noches largas como serpientes
dormiras debajo de la cama otra vez
y todo el mundo escucha lo que les vas a decir
para decirte que está mal, para decirte no está bien
ya no sabes qué hacer

*Adiós papá... *

Esta noche voy a cogerte bien
nos iremos a casa de tu papá
llamaré a la puerta, nos esconderemos
tiraremos piedras para no quedar bien

Y cuando piensen quién ha sido le diremos que no
no han sido tus amigos, allí nadie quedó
ya no sabes qué hacer

*Adiós papá... *

Tonight I'm gonna fuck you well
We'll go to your daddy's house
You'll ring the bell, we'll hide us
We'll throw the rocks for not to impress

And when they think who it was we'll say no,
No it was not your friends, there was no one
You don't know what to do anymore

*Goodbye dad, goodbye dad,
Give us a little more money
Give us a little more money
More money*

You will count the long nights, long like snakes
You will sleep under the bed once more
And the everybody hears what you'll say to them
To say to you that it's not okay, to say to you it's not enough
You don't know what to do anymore

*Goodbye dad... *
Tonight I'm gonna fuck you well
We'll go to your daddy's house
You'll ring the bell, we'll hide us
We'll throw the rocks for not to impress

And when they think who it was we'll say no,
No it was not your friends, there was no one
You don't know what to do anymore

*Goodbye dad... *

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September 02, 2010

Veronica Maggio

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Swedish/Italian singer Veronica Maggio published her first single in 2006 at the age of 25. Her music styles are pop and soul and she won a Grammis as "Newcomer of the Year" spring in 2007. Some have called Maggio's music as "style pop".

She started choir singing at the age of 9 but she got boored to it so she started to sing jazz too. She told to that her music has got influences mostly from jazz, soul and hip hop but also from Swedish folkmusic and also the Northern sadness exists in the melody. She is half Italian and she lived her childhood in Italy. Maggio doesn't think to continue singing in Italian because she likes Swedish language so nice to sing. Maybe someday. Now she has conquering the North: Norway, Denmark and Finland.

Know more about Veronica Maggio by reading the interview in The Local (Sweden's news in English).

Check also: Nöjd? ("Satisfied?"), Havanna mamma ("Havanna mother"), Dumpa mig ("Dump me"), Kan inte säga nej ("Cannot say no"), Måndagsbarn ("Monday child"), Sjutton år ("Seventeen years"), Gammal sång ("Old song"), Stopp ("Stop)

Ingen kan se dig
Ingen vill fråga dig om hjälp 
(Här i staden)
Alla ska bli nåt
Ingen är ingen speciell 
(Här i staden)
Ingen bryr sig
Ingen hör dig eller ser 
(Här i staden)
Husen skymmer
Inga blommor växer mer 
Här i staden

Allting är viktigt
Alla har bråttom, det går fort 
(Här i staden)
Sommar var det bättre
Alla ska bli en ny person 
(Här i staden)
Alla sliter
Alltid trötta från igår 
(Här i staden)
Allt kan bytas
Inget lever längre än ett år
Här i staden

För i staden växer inga blommor, nej
Oooh, för i staden växer inga blommor

No one can see you
Nobody wants to ask you to help
(Here in the city)
Everyone will become something
No one is no one special
(Here in the city)
No one cares
Nobody hears you or sees
(Here in the city)
A house gets dark
The flowers grow no more
Here in the city

Everything is important
Everyone is in hurry it goes fast
(Here in the city)
Summertime it was better
Everyone will be a new person
(Here in the city)
Everyone drudges
Allways tired from yesterday
(Here in the city)
Everything can be changed
Nothing lives more than one day
Here in the city

Because in the city grows no flowers, no
Oooh, because in the city grows no flowers