September 18, 2010


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Rammstein a German rock band was founded by Richard Z. Kruspe in 1994. There are six members: Till Lindemann (lead vocals), Paul H. Landers (backing vocals, guitar), Rickhard Z. Kruspe (backing vocals, lead guitar), Oliver "Ollie" Riedel (bass), Christian "Flake" Lorenz (keyboards) and Christoph "Doom" Schneider (percussion). They are known by their dark songs and way to perform with huge pyrotechnics. Mostly their songs are in German but also songs that are partially or entirely in English, Spanish, Russian and French. Their lyrics are partly shocking (let alone music videos!) and partly full of words of literaly style and very sophisticated.

Rammstein has got may awards and it's known all over the world and in November and December the band will perform around the South America.

The following song is agonizing and powerful and the whole idea of the song is terrible. But this song is so impressive.

Check also: Amerika English version("America"), Heirate mich with subtitles("Marry me"), Los ("Loose/Fate/-less/let's(go)"), Ich tu dir weh ("I hurt you"), Ohne dich ("Without you"), Ich will ("I want"), Links,2,3,4 ("Left,2,3,4"), Keine lust ("Not amused/No lust"), Seemann ("Seaman"), Stirb nicht vor mir ("Don't die before I do"), Moskau with tATu ("Moscow"), Amour.

Ich habe Pläne große Pläne
Ich baue dir ein Haus
Jeder Stein ist eine Träne
Und du ziehst nie wieder aus
Ja ich baue ein Häuschen dir
Hat keine Fenster keine Tür
Innen wird es dunkel sein
Dringt überhaupt kein Licht hinein

Ja ich schaffe dir ein Heim
Und du sollst Teil des Ganzen sein

*Stein um Stein mauer ich dich ein
Stein um Stein
Ich werde immer bei dir sein *

Ohne Kleider ohne Schuh
Siehst du mir bei der Arbeit zu
Mit den Füßen im Zement
Verschönerst du das Fundament
Draußen wird ein Garten sein
Und niemand hört dich schreien

*Stein um Stein... *

Welch' ein Klopfen welch' ein Hämmern
Draußen fängt es an zu dämmern
Alle Nägel stehen stramm
Wenn ich sie in dein Leibholz Ramm –

*Stein um Stein... *

I have plans, big plans
I'm gonna build you a house
Every stone is a tear
And you will never move out
Yes I build you a little house
With no windows, no door
There will be dark inside
No light will shine inside

I'll get you a home
And you shall be part of that all

*Stone by stone 
I mason you inside
Stone by stone
I will always be by your side *

Without clothes, without shoes
You watch me working
Feet in concrete

You make the foundation look beautiful
Outside there will be a garden
And no one will hear you screaming

*Stone by stone... *

What a knock, what a hammering
Outside it's getting dark
All nails standing in line
When I hammer them into your wooden body

*Stone by stone... *
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