September 02, 2010

Veronica Maggio

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Swedish/Italian singer Veronica Maggio published her first single in 2006 at the age of 25. Her music styles are pop and soul and she won a Grammis as "Newcomer of the Year" spring in 2007. Some have called Maggio's music as "style pop".

She started choir singing at the age of 9 but she got boored to it so she started to sing jazz too. She told to that her music has got influences mostly from jazz, soul and hip hop but also from Swedish folkmusic and also the Northern sadness exists in the melody. She is half Italian and she lived her childhood in Italy. Maggio doesn't think to continue singing in Italian because she likes Swedish language so nice to sing. Maybe someday. Now she has conquering the North: Norway, Denmark and Finland.

Know more about Veronica Maggio by reading the interview in The Local (Sweden's news in English).

Check also: Nöjd? ("Satisfied?"), Havanna mamma ("Havanna mother"), Dumpa mig ("Dump me"), Kan inte säga nej ("Cannot say no"), Måndagsbarn ("Monday child"), Sjutton år ("Seventeen years"), Gammal sång ("Old song"), Stopp ("Stop)

Ingen kan se dig
Ingen vill fråga dig om hjälp 
(Här i staden)
Alla ska bli nåt
Ingen är ingen speciell 
(Här i staden)
Ingen bryr sig
Ingen hör dig eller ser 
(Här i staden)
Husen skymmer
Inga blommor växer mer 
Här i staden

Allting är viktigt
Alla har bråttom, det går fort 
(Här i staden)
Sommar var det bättre
Alla ska bli en ny person 
(Här i staden)
Alla sliter
Alltid trötta från igår 
(Här i staden)
Allt kan bytas
Inget lever längre än ett år
Här i staden

För i staden växer inga blommor, nej
Oooh, för i staden växer inga blommor

No one can see you
Nobody wants to ask you to help
(Here in the city)
Everyone will become something
No one is no one special
(Here in the city)
No one cares
Nobody hears you or sees
(Here in the city)
A house gets dark
The flowers grow no more
Here in the city

Everything is important
Everyone is in hurry it goes fast
(Here in the city)
Summertime it was better
Everyone will be a new person
(Here in the city)
Everyone drudges
Allways tired from yesterday
(Here in the city)
Everything can be changed
Nothing lives more than one day
Here in the city

Because in the city grows no flowers, no
Oooh, because in the city grows no flowers

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