May 25, 2010


Ruslana (Ruslana Stepanova) is a singer and songwriter from Ukraina. In 2004 she won the Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Wild dances". She sings both in English and in Ukrainian though still in Eurovision her English was infantile. She is graduated as a classical pianist though her songs are more pop , dance, world music and folk for in her music are impressions from an Ukrainian tribe. Her clothes are wild and animal like mostly made of leather - and she is very known about her clothes of perform.

Check also:
listen to the tracks, Dance with the wolves, Overground,
Dance with the wolves, Kolomiyka, The same star, Heart on fire,

I'll follow the night
To wake up the day
To be with you,
Na na na na na na ney,
You'll give me the light
I need on my way,
You'll do,
Na na na na na na ney,
I'll follow the dream
We both have seen,
You know it's true,
Na na na na na na ney,
I'll follow the light
To breakthrough the night
For you,
Na na na na na na ney.

I'm all alone,
As the night is covering the sea,
Behind the storms
I am lonely, but I know I'm free.
An endless road fading down the hill ahead of me,
It makes me strong,
It shows the way to where I wanna be.

*I'll follow the night... *

You'll take my hand,
Cause the road will bring me back to you,
You'll understand everything I wanna say or do.
It just takes time,
We remember where we wanna be,
You will be mine,
You will tell me, that you stay with me

*I'll follow the night... *

May 23, 2010


Iván Sevillano Perez known as Huecco is a Spanish singer. His musical style is vide: latin, rock, salsa, banda, cumbia, samba, son cubano, reggae, urban, reggaeton, rumba, pop, mambo, ska, hip hop, flamenco... He makes combinations and suprising mixtures of different genres.
Also he is known for creating new music style rumbaton.

Huecco is known mostly in Latin lands like America, Brasil and Portugal. He also has travelled in America in Cuba, Mexico, LA, Sao Paulo etc. to combine theme with his Spanish roots.

His lates album is Assalto released in 2008.

Along with Spanish Huecco sings few songs in Portuguese and French.

Check also: La reina de los angelotes (acoustic)("The queen of little angels"), Mirando al cielo ("Looking to the sky"), Je pense a tes yeux ("I think of your eyes"), Los tesoros imposibles ("The impossible treasures"), Si me ayudas volar ("If you help me to fly"), Idiota ("Idiot"), Se acabaron las lagrimas with Hanna ("The tears stopped"), Los tacones baratos ("Cheep heels"), lyrics

What I specially like in Huecco is his great lyrics and the strange way to express himself. His music is catching and partly wild. Reina de los angelotes is one of my fovorites along with the song Creo, which is my song to share today. Notice that Huecco mentions a name, Itzel, she is his daughter and song is dedicated to her. 


Creo en la fuerza del hombre
Cuando invade tierras que no le corresponden
Creo en Troya cuando arde
Y en la buena fe de los daños colaterales.

Creo en Dios cuando en su nombre
Tiemblan los vagones de Madrid y Londres
Trueques de petróleo y sangre
Bendito intercambio siempre en busca de culpables.

Y creo en la magia que se esconde
Tras la Patria y las banderas de colores
En los que mueren en combate
Y en los que pisaron las minas de chocolate.

Por eso, sólo creo en ti
Uay ay ay amor, sólo creo en ti.
(sólo creo en ti).

Creo que creo en las distintas versiones
En las mil caras del miedo y sus manifestaciones
Ratitas presumidas y arrogantes
Juegan a barrer países y a esconder las llaves.

Y las tiran al fondo del mar
Matarile rile ron matarile rile ran
Creo en fuegos artificiales
Y en las fallas militares.

Por eso, sólo creo en ti
Uay ay ay amor...

*No, no creo en la inocencia
De la voz, de la voz de su conciencia
Yo no, yo no, yo no voy a besar las bocas de la violencia
Porque las flores se mustian y el odio te angustia
Y yo sólo creo, sólo creo en ti.
(sólo creo en ti).*

Creo en discursos con sermones
En promesas para adulterar las elecciones
Creo en ladrones de blanco guante
Cínicos pinochos en sillas de gobernantes.

Caballos comen peones
Alfiles se rinden ante el poder de las Torres
Y jaque al rey desde los mares
En el ajedrez de las potencias nucleares.

Por eso, sólo creo en ti
Uay ay ay Itzel...

*No, no creo.. *

No me interesa ser la fresa presa de sus ambiciones
Leones con encías que vacían nuestros corazones
No hay razones pa que nos sigan tocando los cojones
Nadie confiesa ni expresa perdones... ni expresan perdones.

No, no creo en la inocencia
De la voz, de la voz de su conciencia

*No, no creo... *


I believe in mankind
When it conquires lands that do not belong to it
I believe in good belief of collaterar damages

I believe in God when in His name
Carriages of Madrid and London are trembling
The trade of petrol and blood
Blessed exchange always seeking for culprits

Yes I believe in magic that hides
Behind the homeland and flags of colours
In those who die in the battle
And in those who step into the mines of chocolate

That's why I only believe in you
Uay ay ay my love, I only believe in you
(I only believe in you)

I think I believe in different versions
In one thousand faces of fear and its manifestations
Complacen and arrogant little rats
Play sweeping the countries and hiding the keyes

And thay'll be thrown to the bottom of the sea
Killingile rile ron killingile rile ron
I believe in fire works
And in the militarian faults

That's why, I only believe in you
Uay ay ay my love, I only believe in you

*No, no I don't believe in the innocence of the voice, of the voice of concience
I'm not, I'm not, I'm not gonna kiss the lips of the violence
Because the flowers whiter and the hate disstress you
And I only believe in you, only in you
(only believe in you) *

I believe in speeches with sermons
In promises to falsify the elecctions
I believe in robbers with white gloves
Mordant cynics on the chairs of government

The horses eat pawns
The bishops surrender under the pover of the Towers
The check to the king beginning from the sea
In the chess of nuclear power

That's why I only believe in you
Uay ay ay Itzel

*No, no I don't.. *

I'm not interested to be the strawberry catch of your ambicions
Lions with gums drain our hearts
There is no reason us to keep touching the balls
No one confess, nor expresses the forgiveness
Nor express the forgiveness

No, no I don't believe in the innocence of the voice, of the voice of concience
*No, no I don't.. *

May 13, 2010


Picture is from here
Grégoire Boissenoit known as Grégoire is a French singer, lyricist and composer. He made his first song for her girlfriend and he started in the Internet and thanks for the courageing audience Grégoire released his very first album ”Toi+Moi” (”You+I”) in 2008. The single under the same name as the first album was a succe in Belgium and Switzerland and he got a NRJ Music Awards nomination. 

From beginning of this year Gregoire has been one of the artists and musicians of the enorme francophonic group called les Enfoirés.

It is said that he is the first artist made by the great people of France.

Check also: Rue des étoiles ("Road of stars"), Prière ("Pray"), Rien á voir (live) ("(It has) nothing to do (with it)"), Ce qu'il reste de toi ("The what remains of you"), Ta Main ("Your hand") dedicated to Grégoire's two deceased brothers, Nuage ("Cloud"), MySpace, Listen to the tracks here or here.

Je suis l'ami intime
Celui que tu appelles
Dans tes soirs de déprime
Quand l'espoir se fait la belle

Je suis celui qui reste
Quand l'ennui assassine
Qui veut bien faire les tests
Pourris des magazines

Je suis la bonne oreille
Qui sait tout de ta vie
Et quand tu as sommeil
Celui qui veille tes nuits

*Mais serai-je autre chose un jour
Si la question se pose
Si le cœur me l'impose
Sait on jamais si j'ose un jour
Devenir autre chose, devenir autre chose
Autre chose*

Je suis l'ami d'enfance
La voix du réconfort
Et qui prend ta défense
Que t'aies raison ou tort

Je suis un peu ton père
Celui qui te protège
Quand ils se font la pair
Pour une autre Blanche-Neige

Je suis là quand il faut
Et j'accepte aussi bien
Quand tu me tournes le dos
Parce que tu vois quelqu'un

*Mais serai-je... *
Et tu me parles de toi
Et tu me parles d'eux
parfois je parle de moi...
Mais parlons de nous deux

**Serons-nous autre chose un jour
Si la question se pose
Si le cœur nous l'impose
Il faudra que l'on ose un jour
Devenir autre chose, devenir autre chose
Autre chose
Pour toujour **

I am an intimate friend
The one who you invite
To your evenings of depression
When hope is beautiful

I am the one who stays
When boredom is killing
The one who wants to do
The rotten tests of magazines

I am a good listener
Who knows all of your life
And when you see dreams
That keep you awake at nights

* But would I be something else one day?
If there is a question
If my heart forces me to accept it
Who knows if I never have the courage one day?
To become something else... *

I am a friend of childhood
The voice of comfort
And the one who stands up for you
When you are right or wrong

I am a little like your father
The one who protects you
When they are making pairs
For another Snow White

I'm there when needed
And as well I accept
When you turn your back to me
Because you see someone else

* But I.. *

And you talk to me about yourself
And you talk to me about you two
Sometimes I talk about me
But let's talk about us

** But would we be something else one day?
If there is a question
If our hearts force us to accept it
We have to have courage one day
To become something else, something else
Forever... **

May 12, 2010

Curved Air

 At first I beg a pardon but this text doesn't want to understand what means "line spacing". SO though I have tried This text is now one shapeles object so sorry...

Curved Air is a British progressive rock band formed in early-'70s. Their musical styles are also experimental, folk rock, fusion, classical rock and rock. The lead vocalist is Sonja Kristina who has played in the Hair-musical. Other members are Darryl Way (vocals, electric violin), Florian Pilkington-Miksa (drums), Francis Monkman (guitar, keyboard) and Robin Martin (bass). The band is regarded as a groundbreaking and vituoso like band and they are known for their incredible way to perform on the stage.
They stopped for a while and now they are on again.       Actually the following song isn't the one I first wanted to share. The song should have been from their third album Phantasmagoria and the track under the very same name but I didn't found it as a whole track so all the best parts would have been missing - so I changed. If someone finds Phantasmagoria of Curved Air, please let me know! :)   Check also: Back street Luv, Melinda (more or less), Orange street blues, Woman on a night standing,Day breaks my heart.        MARIE ANTOINETTE   Marie Antoinette       Your name's a legend in this land treasure    For your pleasure bestowed on favoured gentleman     The people are in arms marching on the town    They rise - changing revolution!       "Vive la Nation!"       Marie Antoinette     Your shadow's falling along the land   Anger born of hunger     Poisons the hearts of your loyal men Fire in their eyes steel in their hands     They rise - changing revolution!   "Vive la Nation!"     Clamouring in the square the rabble have gone insane They're over the balustrades defying the cannon fire   They're into the garrison they murder the noble man Marie - Antoinette, Marie - Antoinette     We are the people of France We demand that the elegant blue-blooded leeches  That bleed us are taught    What it means to grow fat and not feed us   We are the people of France you must heed us    Already at the Bastille the prisoners all run free   They're hammering on the door Marie Antoinette They've taken the guillotine they're coming to take the Queen   Marie Antoinette the King and the guards have fled...   Marie Antoinette your shadow's falling along the land   Anger born of hunger poisoned your men They rise - changing revolution! "Vive la Nation!"

May 11, 2010


Das Neue Harpo 3
Jan Harpo Svensson is a Swede pop musician better known as Harpo. He is born in 1950 and in the 1070's he was popular in Sweden and around the Europe and known also in Australia with his worldwide hit ”Moviestar” where as the back vocalist acted ABBA's Anni-Frid Lyngstad (known as Frida). Harpo has released several Albums.
In 1977 the papers made a fuss about Harpo when he refused to go to Military Service and that's why he went to prison for a year.
In the end of seventies he left his musical career and started to raise horses and to paint.
In 2005 he continued his music career and published new album material and continued touring in Germany where are his most devoted fans.
Harpo tells about this song in his vinyl "HARPO SMILE" something like this: " When I was in lokal train between Stokholms Central and Södertälje Södra (South) on a day in Autum in 1969, for the first time this song began to bubble."
Me and my bubblegum gun
Sitting smiling in the sun
Me and my bubblegum gun
Me and my bubblegum gun

I'm shooting bubbles througt the air
The bubbles are flying everywhere
They fly around the world
A blowing bubblegum
Around the world

Me and my bubblegum gun...

A thousand tin soldiers walk across my floor
I see them marching out
Through the door
They march around the world
Chewing on a gun
Around the world

No one here no one there
Everything is quiet
No one here no one there
Everyone's out of sight
But I could see all the world was dancing
Dancing on it's knees
And I could see all the world was dancing
Dancing just for peace

Me and my bubblegum gun...

There goes pretty Alexandra
She tells fairy-tales for you
Maybe they ain't true
But it's just for you
Just for you

No one here no one there...

But I could hear all the world was singin'
Singin' just for you
And I could see all the world was dancin'
Dancin' just for you"

May 10, 2010

Jay Brannan

Jay Brannan is solo artist and songwriter from Texas. His music is a mixture of indie, pop, lo-fi and angel like singing. He has been reagarded as a male version of Joni Mitchell.

His youth was hard and specially at school he had no easy time. He has called his family as conservative Baptists and that's why it's no wonder that his parents were not very fascinated when he one day got a boyfriend. He is openly gay and one of his most beautiful and sad songs is ”I want to be a housewife”.

Check also: Can't have it all, Body's A Temple, The Freshman.

The lyric of the song is very touching and very very sad.


I’m marching to Zion
A camera in my hand
I hear people cryin’
Dyin’ for this blood-stained land
The streets of old Jerusalem
Are lined with souvenirs and those buying them
It sounds cold, but I cannot see
How this theme park has shaped history

Cause virgins don’t have babies
And water isn’t wine
And there’s a holy spirit maybe
But she would never rent a room with walls built by mankind
Mary and Mohammed
Are screaming through the clouds
For you to lay your goddamned arms down
Rip your bigot roots up from the earth and salt the goddamned ground

Stand in line patiently
To supercharge your rosary
Or stuff your prayers inside this wall
We once had god trapped in this great hall
But we’ve been cast out from this place
They say a prophet floated from here to outer space
Am I crazy? maybe it’s me
But this all sounds like mythology

Cause virgins don’t have babies
And water isn’t wine
And there’s a holy spirit maybe
But she would never rent a room with walls built by mankind
Mary and Mohammed
Are screaming through the clouds
For you to lay your goddamned arms down
Rip your bigot roots up from the earth and salt the goddamned ground

Zeus was afraid of his girlfriend
So he swallowed her in bed
Then he bore forth Athena
When they cracked open his head
Her brother tried to rape her
Athena got away
And when his seed hit the ground
The grass gave birth that day
Now we all freely admit
This story’s clearly bullshit
No one would lay down their life
Or start a war for it
So throw your stones and pray
You’ll be rewarded someday
I hope it all goes your way
But something tells me
No one’s coming to save you
No one’s coming to save you
No one’s coming to save you
Save yourselves
From turning earth into hell

No one’s coming to save you
No one’s coming to save you
No one’s coming to save you
No one’s coming to save you

Mary and Mohammed
Are screaming through the clouds
For you to lay your goddamned arms down
Rip your bigot roots up from the earth and salt the goddamned ground

May 09, 2010


Laleh Pourkarim, known as Laleh is a singer, songwriter and actress from Sweden though she really is from Iran. Her father was a well-kown Iranian sociologist. She sings in English, in Persian and in Swedish. Her first album was released in 2005 and she won three of her seven nominations of Grammis Awards. Her latest album ”Me and Simon” was published in 2009.

Her small movie career was in 2000 when she was in a major role in Swdish movie called Jalla! Jalla!

In additin to singing she also plays guitar, saxophone and percussion and her musical style is somewhere between pop, rock, folk and indie.

Check also: Bjurö Klubb, Big City Love, Simon Says, Nation, Svalorna( " The swallows").

This song is also in the movie called Arn - tempelriddaren ("Arn - the knight templar").


(Music&Text: Laleh Pourkarim)

När staden snöat över, och gården blivit vit
Då vet du att jag drömmer, jag drömmer dig hit
När allt snöat över, och gården blivit kall
Då vet du att jag drömmer
För det är snö, det är som moln överallt

Då vet du att jag finns, att jag finns kvar hos dig
Trots att jag alltid springer, är jag där du hör mig
Om du inte hör mig, om du inte gör
Så ska jag sjunga för dig, precis så du hör

Jag, jag älskar dig
Så högt så du hör
Om det är så

Hur länge, tror du att längtan kan växa, växa?
Om vi förgör
Hur länge, hur länge?
Sommaren har gömt, sommaren har gömt

Men jag har inte glömt
Hur det är att älska
Och jag älskar dig ,jag älskar dig
Så högt så du hör

Och hungern den sitter i rösten inte i magen, i rösten
Därför är vi tysta, om saken
Och det är så
Och det är så
Jag älskar
Så högt så du hör
Och, och det är så
Högt, högt, högt, högt...


When city is covered with snow

And the courtyard has became white

Then you know that I'm dreaming

I'm dreaming

I'm dreaming you here

When all is covered with snow

And the courtyard has became cold

Then I know that I'm dreaming

For it is snow

It's like clouds everywhere

Then you know that I am

That I still am with you

Even though I'm allways running

I'm where you hear me

If you can't hear me

If you do not

Then I'm gonna sing for you

Precisely so you hear...

I love you

So loud that you hear

And so it is

How long

Do you think

That longing can grow


If we are free

How long - how long

Summer has hidden it, yes,

Summer has hidden it

But I haven't forgotten

What is to love

And I love you

Yes, I love you

So loud

So you hear

And hunger stays in the voice

Not in the stomach

In the voice

That's why we don't speak about it

And so it is

It is so

I love you

So loud that you hear

It is so...

Loud, loud, loud, loud...

May 08, 2010

Les Fatals Picards

From Eurovision the Europe got to know with Les Fatals Picards (”The fatal men from Picardy (a quater in Paris)”) and their Frech-English song ”L'amour á la française” (”French Style Love”). The members of the band are (from the left) Laurent Honel (vocals, guitar, bass), Paul Léger (lead vocals), Ivan Callot (lead vocals), Yves Giroud (bass) and Jean-Marc Sauvagnargues (drums). They have released five albums. The latest album ”Le sens de la gravité” (”The direction of gravity”) of their seven albums was released in 2009.

Their music is an admixture of punk, pop, ska, chanson and rock.

Above all Les Fatals Picards is a band who dares to parody even just berried ones (like the popular french rock-singer Johnny Hallyday)or important ones. The most known parody in France may be the Picards own version of humanitarian band Les Enfoirés' video version of Status Quo's "You're in the army now" in French called ”Ici les Enfoirés” ("Here are the Shitheads").

In the translation I have put some sentences between the parenthesis to mark the phrases that were hard to translate because Le Fatals Picards have so many jokes ment to French that - well... You'll understand. :)

Check also:
Chez Almelie Poulain ("At Amelie Poulain's house") , Bernard Lavilliers, La sécurité de l'emploi ("The security of Office"), Djembé Man, Dors mon fils ("Sleep now my son"), Mon père était tellement de gauche (" My father was so the Left")


Depuis que t’es partie
Je mange ce que je veux chez moi

Aujourd’hui c’est pizza,
Hier c’était pizza

J’arrose tout les jours tes cactus
Tu leur manques à eux aussi

Vu les têtes qu’ils me tirent aujourd’hui
J’ai fait une raclette
Notre appareil est trop beau

On peut voir fondre le fromage
Á travers le hublot

J'ai oublié de te demander,
C’est vraiment trop bête

S'il faut faire bouillir l’eau
Pour bien saisir un steak

Le chat est mort je pensais
Qu’il tiendrait plus longtemps que ça

Je pensais pas que pour les boites
Il aurait besoin de moi

J’arrive pas à changer les draps
Je veux garder ton odeur près de moi

Mais faut bien reconnaître
Que ça ne sent plus tellement toi

Et je me sens
comme Claude François à Castorama
comme un surfeur au Sri Lanka
comme Tabatha Cash au Vatican
Francis Huster dans un rôle de méchant
comme le marchand de sable dans le désert
comme un orphelin à la fête des mères
comme spider-man à l’ile de Ré
Un chien de chasse chez Picard surgelé

Je compte les voitures
Qui ressemblent à la tienne

42 twingos vertes depuis
Le début de la semaine

Sur ton répondeur
ça dit numéro plus attribué

Mais j’ai reconnu ta copine Claire
ça m’a fait rigoler

Sinon je vais très bien t’inquietes
Je vois des gens

Les derniers il y a trois mois
C’était mes parents

Même si vu mon état
Ils sont pas restés longtemps

Eux aussi ont la pèche
Ils sont partis en courant

Et je me sens
comme Devilliers à Mikonos
comme une baleine dans microcosmos
comme soljenitsyne à la fête de l’huma
comme Dark Vador au sauna
comme un slip dont se serait la fête
Mickael Jackson dans une maison de retraite
comme un mec pressé à la poste
comme un flic muté en haute Corse

Je m’habitue à ne plus
Me servir de mes yeux

Au cas ou il faudrait les revendre pour payer un voyage
Pour aller te chercher au Groenland
Je m’habitue à manger
En avalant mais sans mâcher

Mais ça c’est juste oh comme ça, pour le plaisir d’essayer

Et je me sens
comme un ver de terre dans le sable
comme un western sans les chevals
comme les pauvres sans la misère
comme un banquier à découvert
comme le journal d’avant-hier
comme Macumba sans Mader
comme un rappeur sans le style
comme un japonais sans kookaï
comme George Buch à l'étranger
comme Cauet sur Arte

Since you've been gone
I have eaten what I want at my place
Today it's pizza
Yesterday it was pizza
I water every day all your cactus
They miss you too
(Saw the heads that pulled me today)
I made a raclette
(Phone note is too beautiful)
You can see the cheese melting
Against the window
I forget to asked you
It's really too stupid
If you have to boil water
To really brow the steak
The cat is dead I thought
That it would take longer than that
(I didn't tought why he would)
(Need the drinks from me)
I can't manage to change the sheets
I want to guard your odeur near me
But I must confess
That it doesn't really smell like you anymore

And I feel
like Calude François in Castorama
like a surfer in Sri Lanka
like Tabatha Cash in Vatican
Francis Huster in a poor role
like a sand seller on the desert
like an orphan at party for mums
like Spiderman at the island Ré
like a hound dog at frozen Picard

I buy cars
That remind of your car
After 42 green twingos
The beginning of the weekend
Your answering machine
(Shares a number more accessible)
But I recognized your friend Claire
That made me laugh
(If not I'm fine you're worried)
I meet people
The last ones three months ago
They were my parents
Though when they saw my condition
They didn't stay longer
They have sins too
They left running

And I feel
like Devillier in Mikonos
like a whale in microcosmos
like Soljenitsyne at human party
like Darth Vader at sauna
(like panties that have had a party)
Michael Jackson at the retirement hause
like a busy guy at the post office
like a cop transferet to High-Cross

I'm used to no longer
Use my eyes
As far as they should be resold to pay the trip
To go to search you in Greenland
I'm used to eat
Swallowing but without chewing
But that's just for fun to try

And I feel
like a green world on the sand
like a western without horses
like the poors without the misery
like a banker (in a found)
like the newspaper of day before yesterday
like Macumba without yesterday
like a rap artist without the style
like a japanise without cocaine
like George Bush abroad
like Cauet on Arte

May 07, 2010


Gjallarhorn is a Finnish Swedish musical group from Finland. The lead vocalist is Jenny Wilhelms who also plays fiddle and hardanger fiddle. From the left in the picture are Petter Berndalen (percussion), Adrian Jones (fiddle, mandola, kalimba) and Göran Mansson (flutes, the pipe of Härjedalen, contrabass).

Gjallarhorns musical style is finnish folk songs mostly in Swedish but also in Finnish and other nordic languages. This ethnic group mixes finnish folk songs for example to the australian instrument - didgeridoo. Sounds funny and creepy but it fits very well like theese two supposed to be combined together. Gjallarhorn has published four albums and the latest was released in 2006 called Rimfaxe a horse from scandinavian mythology. Their albums are sold in whole Scandinavia, the Central Europe, Great Britannia, USA, Canada and even in Mexico!

The name of the band comes from a scandinavian mythology's magical bugle - the gjallarhorn.

Check also: Dejelill och Lagerman, Suvetar,Konungadöttrarna, More about Gjallarhorn

(music:Gjallarhorn / text: trad.)
Ramunder vore en bättre karl
Om han hade bättre kläder
Drottningen gav honom kläderna ny
Av sammet och silke det fina
-Detta gör mig nästan strång, sade Ramunder
-Jag får nog stig min jämna gång, sade Ramunder

Ramunder gick sig I berget in
Där alla små trollorna såto
Och alla små troll som I berget satt
De månde för Ramunder gråta
-Gråten int' för mig, sade Ramunder
-Jag lo' aldrig åt er, sade Ramunder

Ramunder började raska och slå
Liksom en modiger hjälta
Och alla små troll som I berget satt
De månde till jorden ned falla
-Här inne råder jag, sade Ramunder
-Här inne står mig mycket bra, sade Ramunder

Ramunder gick sig ett stycke fram
Där fick han se storjätturen stånda
Och jätturen tog I och Ramunder tog I jätturens skägg
Så slet han bort köttet från tändren
-Väl illa grinar du, sade Ramunder
-Desto värre ser du ut, sade Ramunder

Ramunder drog sitt stora svärd
Som han kalla dumlingen dyra
Och hugger så jätturens huvud å
Så det for tre spanska milar
-Jag tänkte att det inte skulle ta, sade Ramunder
-Men det nappa lika bra, sade Ramunder

Ramunder lastade skeppena sju
Med guld och ädlaste stenar
Och segla tillbaka till drottningens land
Med skatten från trollornas grotta
-Detta gör mig nästan strång, sade Ramunder
-Jag får nog stig min jämna gång, sade Ramunder 


Ramunder would be a better man if he had better clothes
The Queen she gave him new clothes of velvet and finest silk
-  This almost makes me strong, said Ramunder
- I will walk my steadfast way, said Ramunder

Ramunder went into the mountain where all the small trolls sat
And all the small trolls sitting in the mpuntain wept for him
- Weep not for me, said Ramunder
- I never smiled at you, said Ramunder

And Ramunder began to swing and to slay like a bold hero
And all the small trolls sitting in the mountain fell to the ground
- Here I am the master, said Ramunder
- Here is a good place for me, said Ramunder

Ramunder went further and saw the grat giant standing,
And the giant grabbed him and Ramunder grabbed the giant's beard
Then he tore the flesh from the giant's teeth
- What an ugly grin thou hast, said Ramunder
- All the worse dost thou look, said Ramunder

And Ramunder took his grat sword that he called his precious tonker
And struck the giant's head off so that it flew three Spanish miles
- I thought it would not take, said Ramunder
- But it caught very well, said Ramunder

Ramunder he loaded seven ships with gold and jewels
And sailed back to the Queen's land
With the treasures from the troll cave
- This almost makes me strong, said Ramunder
- I will walk my steadfast way, said Ramunder

(Translation is from Gjallarhorns album Ranarop)