May 25, 2010


Ruslana (Ruslana Stepanova) is a singer and songwriter from Ukraina. In 2004 she won the Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Wild dances". She sings both in English and in Ukrainian though still in Eurovision her English was infantile. She is graduated as a classical pianist though her songs are more pop , dance, world music and folk for in her music are impressions from an Ukrainian tribe. Her clothes are wild and animal like mostly made of leather - and she is very known about her clothes of perform.

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I'll follow the night
To wake up the day
To be with you,
Na na na na na na ney,
You'll give me the light
I need on my way,
You'll do,
Na na na na na na ney,
I'll follow the dream
We both have seen,
You know it's true,
Na na na na na na ney,
I'll follow the light
To breakthrough the night
For you,
Na na na na na na ney.

I'm all alone,
As the night is covering the sea,
Behind the storms
I am lonely, but I know I'm free.
An endless road fading down the hill ahead of me,
It makes me strong,
It shows the way to where I wanna be.

*I'll follow the night... *

You'll take my hand,
Cause the road will bring me back to you,
You'll understand everything I wanna say or do.
It just takes time,
We remember where we wanna be,
You will be mine,
You will tell me, that you stay with me

*I'll follow the night... *

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