May 12, 2010

Curved Air

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Curved Air is a British progressive rock band formed in early-'70s. Their musical styles are also experimental, folk rock, fusion, classical rock and rock. The lead vocalist is Sonja Kristina who has played in the Hair-musical. Other members are Darryl Way (vocals, electric violin), Florian Pilkington-Miksa (drums), Francis Monkman (guitar, keyboard) and Robin Martin (bass). The band is regarded as a groundbreaking and vituoso like band and they are known for their incredible way to perform on the stage.
They stopped for a while and now they are on again.       Actually the following song isn't the one I first wanted to share. The song should have been from their third album Phantasmagoria and the track under the very same name but I didn't found it as a whole track so all the best parts would have been missing - so I changed. If someone finds Phantasmagoria of Curved Air, please let me know! :)   Check also: Back street Luv, Melinda (more or less), Orange street blues, Woman on a night standing,Day breaks my heart.        MARIE ANTOINETTE   Marie Antoinette       Your name's a legend in this land treasure    For your pleasure bestowed on favoured gentleman     The people are in arms marching on the town    They rise - changing revolution!       "Vive la Nation!"       Marie Antoinette     Your shadow's falling along the land   Anger born of hunger     Poisons the hearts of your loyal men Fire in their eyes steel in their hands     They rise - changing revolution!   "Vive la Nation!"     Clamouring in the square the rabble have gone insane They're over the balustrades defying the cannon fire   They're into the garrison they murder the noble man Marie - Antoinette, Marie - Antoinette     We are the people of France We demand that the elegant blue-blooded leeches  That bleed us are taught    What it means to grow fat and not feed us   We are the people of France you must heed us    Already at the Bastille the prisoners all run free   They're hammering on the door Marie Antoinette They've taken the guillotine they're coming to take the Queen   Marie Antoinette the King and the guards have fled...   Marie Antoinette your shadow's falling along the land   Anger born of hunger poisoned your men They rise - changing revolution! "Vive la Nation!"

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