May 13, 2010


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Grégoire Boissenoit known as Grégoire is a French singer, lyricist and composer. He made his first song for her girlfriend and he started in the Internet and thanks for the courageing audience Grégoire released his very first album ”Toi+Moi” (”You+I”) in 2008. The single under the same name as the first album was a succe in Belgium and Switzerland and he got a NRJ Music Awards nomination. 

From beginning of this year Gregoire has been one of the artists and musicians of the enorme francophonic group called les Enfoirés.

It is said that he is the first artist made by the great people of France.

Check also: Rue des étoiles ("Road of stars"), Prière ("Pray"), Rien á voir (live) ("(It has) nothing to do (with it)"), Ce qu'il reste de toi ("The what remains of you"), Ta Main ("Your hand") dedicated to Grégoire's two deceased brothers, Nuage ("Cloud"), MySpace, Listen to the tracks here or here.

Je suis l'ami intime
Celui que tu appelles
Dans tes soirs de déprime
Quand l'espoir se fait la belle

Je suis celui qui reste
Quand l'ennui assassine
Qui veut bien faire les tests
Pourris des magazines

Je suis la bonne oreille
Qui sait tout de ta vie
Et quand tu as sommeil
Celui qui veille tes nuits

*Mais serai-je autre chose un jour
Si la question se pose
Si le cœur me l'impose
Sait on jamais si j'ose un jour
Devenir autre chose, devenir autre chose
Autre chose*

Je suis l'ami d'enfance
La voix du réconfort
Et qui prend ta défense
Que t'aies raison ou tort

Je suis un peu ton père
Celui qui te protège
Quand ils se font la pair
Pour une autre Blanche-Neige

Je suis là quand il faut
Et j'accepte aussi bien
Quand tu me tournes le dos
Parce que tu vois quelqu'un

*Mais serai-je... *
Et tu me parles de toi
Et tu me parles d'eux
parfois je parle de moi...
Mais parlons de nous deux

**Serons-nous autre chose un jour
Si la question se pose
Si le cœur nous l'impose
Il faudra que l'on ose un jour
Devenir autre chose, devenir autre chose
Autre chose
Pour toujour **

I am an intimate friend
The one who you invite
To your evenings of depression
When hope is beautiful

I am the one who stays
When boredom is killing
The one who wants to do
The rotten tests of magazines

I am a good listener
Who knows all of your life
And when you see dreams
That keep you awake at nights

* But would I be something else one day?
If there is a question
If my heart forces me to accept it
Who knows if I never have the courage one day?
To become something else... *

I am a friend of childhood
The voice of comfort
And the one who stands up for you
When you are right or wrong

I am a little like your father
The one who protects you
When they are making pairs
For another Snow White

I'm there when needed
And as well I accept
When you turn your back to me
Because you see someone else

* But I.. *

And you talk to me about yourself
And you talk to me about you two
Sometimes I talk about me
But let's talk about us

** But would we be something else one day?
If there is a question
If our hearts force us to accept it
We have to have courage one day
To become something else, something else
Forever... **

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