May 03, 2010

Carrie Rodriguez

Carrie Rodriguez is a Mexican-American singer and lyricist. She plays well different kinds of fiddels and guitars and his father David Rodriguez is well known Texas-singer.

Carrie Rodriguez has released four albums, the latest in this April called Love and circumstance.

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You took me through the water,

Then you told me not to look straight down,

But I did
The more I found

The more you hid, you put me on
I wake up in the morning and

I turn around and find you gone, just me in bed
No note, no call, no sweet words said,

Yeah ya' put me on

*She might please you, miss Whoever
She might lead you to think you're too clever
She'll deceive you, you best forget her
Cause whoever miss Whoever is she ain't me *

Everytime we make a plan

You find a way to show-up late
You lost your time, you say: relax baby

Don't lose your mind, well you put me on
Don't you think I noticed when you strolled away

To take that call, said out of state
You faced the wall, your voice felt faint

Yeah ya' put me on

*She might please you... *

She Ain't Me, She Ain't Me

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