September 28, 2010


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Kyo is a pop rock band from France formed in 1994. Kyo consist of four members:(from the left)  brothers Fabien Dubos (drums) and Florian Dubos (backing vocals, guitar), Benoît Poher (vocals, guitar) and Nicolas Chassange (guitar). Their first major hit was Le chemin ("The road") featuring Dutch singer Sita. Their activity lamed before 2007 when they released their fourth and summing the Best of album. Poher has written songs for such artists as Emma Daumas, Thierry Amiel and Emmanuel Moire (more about him later).

And by the way the name Kyo comes from a King of Fighter video game character.

Though at some point Kyo feels like just another Westlife it's partly more rocking but still sweetlike boyish band. And in my opinion Benoît's and Florian's voices combine very beautifully.

Check also: Il est temps ("It's time"), Je n'veux pas oublier ("I don't wanna forget"), Comme le mond est grand ("As/For the world is grand"), Qui je suis ("Who I am"), L'enfer ("Hell"), Dernière danse ("The last danse"), Je saigne encore live, More about Kyo.


Il a le droit de poser ses mains sur ton corps
Il a le droit de respirer ton odeur
Il a même droit aux regards qui le rendent plus fort
Mets-moi la chaleur de ta voix dans le coeur

*Et ça fait mal, crois moi, une lame enfoncée loin dans mon âme
Regarde en toi, même pas l'ombre d'une larme
Et je saigne encore, je souris à la mort
Tout ce rouge sur mon corps
Je te blesse dans un dernier effort *

Il aime caresser ton visage quand tu t'endors
Et toi tu te permets de dire encore encore
Je sais que ce qui ne tue pas nous rend plus fort
Mais moi, mais moi je suis déjà mort

*Ca fait mal, crois moi... *

Mais je saigne encore, je souris à la mort
Mais je saigne encore,
Tout ce rouge sur mon corps (3x)

He has the right to put his hands upon your body
He has the right to breathe your odour
He has even the right to those looks that make him stronger
Put the warmth of your voice into my heart

*And it hurts, believe me, a blade pushed far away from my soul
Look at you there is not even a shadow of a tear
And I still bleed, I smile to death
All that red on my body
With my last effort I hurt you *

He loves to caress your face when you're asleep
And you let you say once more - once more
I know that what doesn't kill makes us stronger
But I - but I am already dead

*It hurts, believe me... *

But I still bleed, I smile to death
But I still bleed
All that red on my body (3x)

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