April 27, 2010


Garou (Pierre Ganard) was borned in Québec in 1972. He is a Canadian pop singer who rise to the celebrity in 1998 because of the musical Notre-Dame de Paris where he played the part of the bell-ringer Quasimodo. After the year 2000 and his first album "Seul" ("Alone") he has been a whole time singer. In 2000 he recorded a duet with the famous Celine Dion who is also from Canada. He has mostly sang in French but his first English album "Piece of my soul" was published in 2008. His latest album is from 2009 called "Gentleman Cambrioleur" ("Gentleman Robber").

Since 1999 Garou has been part of the enorme group of francophonic artists and musicians called les Enfoirés.
One specially touching song (and video) is "L'injustice" ("The injustice").

See also: "Et si on dormait" ("What if we would sleep")and "Pendant que mes cheveux poussent" ("During when my hair grows") and an interview.


(D. Barbelivien)
De l'Afrique
Il reste quelques soleils gris et sales
De l'Amérique

Un drapeau qui perd sa guerre des étoiles
D' la politique
Des idées qui ne brillent que par l'argent
De la musique
Quelques DJ's pour trois milliards de gens

**C' n'est pas "L'adieu aux armes"
C'est un monde qui disparaît
Les missiles n'ont pas le charme
Du vieux fusil d'Hemingway
Et "Pour qui sonne le glas"
Dans ce monde "anyway"
Chacun de nous finira
Comme le vieil Hemingway **

Du Grand Nord
Restent quelques chercheurs d'or faméliques
D'nos corps à corps
D' l'amour enrobé de matière plastique
Des conquistadors
Plantés devant leurs écrans numériques
Des cons qui s'adorent
J'en connais plus que de femmes érotiques

**C' n'est pas "L'adieu aux armes"... **


From Africa
was left some gray and dirty suns
From America
A flag which will lose it's war of stars
From politics
The ideas which shine just through the money
From music
Some Djs for 3 miljard people

**It's not ”A Farewell to Arms”
It's a world that dissappears
The missiles do not have le charme
From the old arms of Hemingway
And ”For Whom the Bell Tolls”
In this world ”anyway”
Everyone of us meets the end
Like the old Hemingway**

From the great North
Was left some starved golddiggers
From body to body
Love coated with plastic
The conquistadors
Planted in front of countless screens
The fools who love
From them I know mostly erotic women

**It's not ”A Farewell to Arms”...** (2x)

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  1. Later I found out that Garou is an oldish French word for werewolf. Now more used words are "loup-garou" and "lychanthrope"