July 06, 2010


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Sidonie is a Spanish band from Barcelona. It was formed in the late 90's and at first the lyrical language was mostly English but after album Fascinado (2005) it's been Spanish. 

The members are: Axel Pi (drums, bongos, tablas), Jesús Senra (bass,  vocals, sitar, guitar, main composer) and Marco Ros (main lyricist, vocals, guitar, bass guitar). They discribe Sidonie as a surrealist, psychedelic pop and psychedelic rock band. According to Sidonie the influeces comes from the Beatles, Rollings Stones, Bowie and Pink Floyd.

First album "Dragonfly" was released in 2000 and the latest "El incendio" ("The fire") in 2009.

This song is my very favourite of Sidonies songs. The basic plot of the song: A boy tries to tell a girl he's in love with her but awkwardly he falls right in front of her with his sad daisy bouquet. She thinks he's crazy and is afraid of him and calls the cops and the boy has never courage to say "I love you". It's simple and easy but so fun AND sad to listen. I'm very fond of songs which are stories that really work. You can hear that some songs are foced to specific rimes to be perfect stories but Sidonie has done it so perfect. Not too short, not too many and hard phrases.

Check also: Jardín polar ("Polar garden"), El incendio ("The fire"),Los Olvidados("The forgotten ones"), Nueva York ("New York"), Un día mas en la vida(feat. Zahara) ("One day more in life"),  Giraluna (Girasol would be"Sunflower" so Giraluna is "Moonflower"), Sidonie goes to London, Viva el loco que inventó el amor ("Long live the one who invented the love"), lyrics, Interview (in Spanish), Another interview (also in Spanish), Interview (in Catalan), Fascinado (live in ipop tve2) ("Fascinated"), MySpace, Live performance.

Es el día de la cita
te he traído margaritas
del jardín de mi casero
Te quiero!

En la plaza de repente
yo te veo entre la gente
me resbalo caigo al suelo
Te quiero!

Te tiendo la mano
y te ofrezco triste ramo
te apartas un poco
y me dices que estoy loco.

*Está en mi garganta
Está en mi garganta
Me está cortando y sangra
Me está cortando y sangra
Me ahoga el te quiero que jamás podré decir.*

Yo te hablo y me atraganto
estoy temblando quedo en blanco
tu me hablas yo no entiendo
Te quiero!

En las ramblas ya eres mia
tu has gritado policía
me he escondido en el puerto
Te quiero!

Espero la calma
mientras tu crucero zarpa
Agito un pañuelo
digo adiós a la que quiero.

*Está en mi garganta...*

It's the day of the date
I've brought you daisies
From my home garden
I love you!
Suddenly on the square
I see you among the people
I slip and fall to the ground
I love you!
And to you 
I hand a sad bouquet
You draw away little
And to me you say that I'm crazy
*It is in my throat
It is in my throat
It's killing me and I bleed
It's killing me and I bleed
I suppress the "I love you"
That I never can say
I talk to you and the words get stuck
I'm shaking and I turn into white
You talk to me and I don't understand
I love you!

At market streets you are mine
You yelled the police
I hide into the harbour
I love you!

I'm waiting the peace
Meanwhile you cross the zebra crossing
I wave the handkerchief
I say goodbye to the girl I love

*It is in my throat...*

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