July 10, 2010


Band called Ohrbooten comes  from Germany and combines different genres: hip hop, pop, rock, gypsy, reggae, jazz, dancehall, alternative, salsa, orientaö, ragga, rap and ska. Ohrbooten calls their musical style as Gyp-Hop, that's also the name of their third and for now latest album. Name comes from gypsy and hip hop.
There are four members (from left): Christopher Noodt (keyboard, bass, back vocals), Ben Pavlidis (leading vocals, guitar, lyrics), Markus "Onkel" (means "Uncle") Lingner (percussion, drums, cajon,  back vocals) and Matze Jechlitschka (guitar, back vocals).
Band Ohrbooten sings in German because they want to be undesrtod in Germany because the lyrics are essential. They don't sing just in German but in slang od Berlin. Though they have performed on the stage they keep coming back to the streets where their group was formed and started for to be near their audience and people.
Ohrbooten has collaborated with such Central European bands as Estonian group Vanilla Ninja and German group Culcha Candela (maybe more about them later) and from 2008  Ohrbooten has been working for German project "School without rasism - School with courage".
This song is about the sad weather when we want to go elsewhere "where the weather is better". I heard this song first time when it was raining cats and dogs and tarantellas and this was like a ray of sun in the middle of grey. I apologize for this lyrics translation may contain errors for I have translated it from slang of Berlin which I do not speak.

Check also: An alle Ladies ("For all ladies"), Keine Panik ("No panic"), Man lebt nur einmal ("We live only once"), Autobahn ("Highway"), Bewegung ("Motion"), Stadtkind ("City kid"), Babylon bei Boot ("Babylon by boat"), Mit dem Kopf durch die Wand ("With the head through the wall"), Alle gegen alle ("All against all"), 100 mal am Tag ("100 times in a day").

ik loof da so die Straße lang
kalter Regen is of menen Wegen
und es fängt auch noch zu hageln an
ey wat is 'n dit für 'n Leben?
wat mach ich bloß in dieser Stadt,
die mehr Winter als nen Sommer hat?

*und tschüss!...
wann ik wiederkomm is ungewiss
sicher is, dass ik mir verpiss
dahin wo det Wetter besser is
Sonnenschein ohne Kompromiss*

mene Füße in die Socken
mit zusammn in mene Botten
und dann volle pulle joggen
zu Robben und Wientjes


allet wat ik hab, 
ab of 'n Truck jepackt
durch die Innenstadt
Stop vor 'nem Trödelshop-Spot
und verklopp den Schrott
dit war doch allet nur 'n Anker
und ohne soviel Zeug läuft et doch sowieso entspannter
schicket one-way-ticket
der Style is mein Mantra

*und tschüss!... * (2x)

mein Konto lös ich auf
Wohnungskündigung is raus
mein Auto is verkauft
meinen Kumpels sag ich ciao

*und tschüss!... *


 AND BYE!!!!

I run down the street...
The cold rain is on my way
It starts to hail...
Ey what is this?
What am I really doing in this city
Which has more winter than summer?

*And bye!...
When do I come back
It's uncertain
Certain is that I'll go
There where the weather is better
Sunshine without compromise *

My feet are in my socks
With my boots
And then full speed ahead
To the "Robben und Wintjes" ( a rent a car& transport company)


All what I got
Is packed in a trunk
Through the city
STOP in front of a junk shop
I leave all my stuff
All that was just an anchor
With less stuff it's more relaxing

Send a one-way-ticket...
That is my mantra

*And bye...* (2x)

I erase my account, my house dismissal is on,
My car is sold, to my friends I say ciao!

*And bye...* (3x)


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