August 24, 2010

Mari Boine

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Now before new latin artists we head to the North. More closely to the North of Norway. Mari Boine Persen is Sámi singer whose music is somewhere between folk, jazz, rock and world music. Sámi singing is called joik which is the Northern native way to sing. In her music you can also find traces of African traditions. Along with solo career she has composed music inter alia for a German fairytale film adaptation of "Hans and Greta".

In her music Mari Boine has influences of Laestadian movement for her first musical experiments she had inside that group of believers.

The latest album Sterna Paradisea was released in 2009. She has also English tracks but most of the tracks Mari Boine sings in her native language because her lyrics have deep meanings. She also has thought "maybe too much" about her lyrics which are normally about the nature or the struggle between the nature, traditions and the western world. Mari Boine has performed in Europe and USA.

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text: Rawdna Carita Eira/Mari Boine
melody: Mari Boine/ Svein Schultz/ Ole Jørn Myklebust

Lene Májjá jorada
Johkagierragis riegádan
Lene Májjá diehtá sus ii leat go jođašit 
Guoikkaniski geasuha
Stuora geavgŋá hástala 
Go gullá amas jiena doppe huradeame

Lene Májjá jorada
Buđđosajis besada 
Lene Májjá oaidná movt dál earát jorbbodit
Ii leat mihkkege všalaš 
Son gal dovdá gamus dan
Su čuorvu amas jietna, ii leat ovdal gullan dan
Gii su spihčče 
Gii su vuojet
Álo mannat olgolii
Gii su spihčče
Gii su vuojet
Álo mannat iige bissánit

Lene Májjá jorada
Mággárušša, niegada 
Lene Májjá diehtá áigi hurgá johtlilit
Erát sihtet orustit
Lene Májjá jaskkodit!
Go gullá amas jiena, son bidjala fas

Lene Májjá jorada
Jeagonheapmi, juonalaš
Diktá, atn`al earát jodofierpmis gišvvardit
Joga njálmmi meattilda
Gullá mearra máraida
Son juksá amas jiena, ja suinna juoiggasta

Gii su spihčče 
Gii su vuojet
àlo mannat mannat fal
Gii su spihčče 
Gii su vuojet
Álo mannat iige bissánit


Lene Majja keeps on swirling,
She was spawned at the river's source.
Lene Majja knows she was born to move.
The great waterfall challenges her.
The rapids summon her
As she hears a new humming.

Lene Majja keeps on twirling,
Gets past the weir in the river.
Lene Majja sees others confused.
There is no danger:
She knows deep inside
She has never heard the voice that calls her now.

What is that drives her?
Who is that keeps her moving?
What is that always compels her
To go further and further right to the limits?
Who inspires her to continue and never to settle for less?

Lene Majja keeps on whirling,
Not giving up but dreaming.
Lene Majja knows that passes swftly.
The others try to stop her
And keep her silent!
She hears that enchanting voice and moves on.

Lene Majja keeps swirling.
Disobedient and cunning,
She leaves others to wriggle into the weir net.
She passes the mout of the river,
Hears the roaring of the sea.
She reaches that magical sound
And their voices become one

What is that drives her?
Who is that keeps her moving?
What is that always compels her
To go further and further right to the limits?
Who inspires her to continue and never to settle for less? 

(The lyrics and the translation are from "Sterna Paradisea" album of Mari Boine.)


  1. Thank you so much for translating this song. It is amazing. DO you know any other Boine songs that have been translated???

  2. Thank you for translating this song. It is incredible. Do you have translations for any more of Mari Boine songs

  3. Sorry to dissappoint you, but i haven't transated them for I cant speak sami. Sad but true. :C Like I wrote in the end of my post the translation is from her album "Sterna Paradisea". I had the CD from library and i red it from there. If you have acces to that album you'll find more the translated songs.

    But here are for you few sites where you can find some of the song translated:

    And from here:
    I tired to search some of her songs there , but didn't find them but there you can post a demand to translate a song to a certain language. There are all the geeks (like me C: ) who freely want to translate lyrics - if they only know the language. :)