June 26, 2010

Yannick Noah

Yannick Noahs origins are in Camerono but he is a French tennis player. And a very succeful one. In addition to tennis he has also formed a charity organization for disavantaged children and started a pop singer career. He has now collaborated inter alia with Jean-Jacque Goldman who is well known French music maker. Noah sings in French and in Spanish.

Between 1993-2001 Noah has been part of the great francophonic ertist group called les Enfoirés.

His best known hit "Aux arbres citoyens" is an "environmental wake-up call" and very much seen in ecological circles. And for some unknown reasons I still decided to pick his other not so remarkable song with not so remarkable lyrics just because it's the only song in that genre that I do like. So let's dance to the beat of Yannick Noahs "Danser".

Check also: Donne moi une vie ("Give me a life"), Te quiero ("I love you"), Mon Eldorado ("My Eldorado - the city of gold"), Destination ailleurs ("Destination elsewhere")

(text: Kapler)
*Danser pour oublier que le monde est cabossé.
Danser, redessiner un monde cadencer. *

Pour implorer les dieux,
Ou pour se dire adieu.
Exorciser ses haines et ses peurs,
Vivre la musique de l'intérieur.

Pour faire jaillir de l'eau,
Et s'envoler encore plus haut.
Et faire briller nos coeurs et nos corps.
Fêter l'amour, fêter la mort.

*Danser pour oublier...*

Pour éloigner les mauvais sorts,
Pour exister juste un peu plus fort.
Chager le pire pour le meilleur,
Danser, prier comme un derviche tourneur .

Pour les traditions, danser !
Pour les émotions, danser !
Et pour fêter la terre ou la nation,
Danser pour danser !

*Danser pour oublier...*

Hééééé Hi hé hi hé hé

Pour refuser de n'être personne,
Et résister, devenir un homme !
Pour le plaisir de partager,
Danser pour danser !
(L'meilleur du monde oú quoi?!!!?)

*Danser pour oublier...*
(Tout le monde yee yeee!)
Danser pour oublier

*Dance to forget
That the world is beaten to the dents
Dance, redesign
A world with cadence *

For to pray the gods
Or to say goodbye
To exorsise one's angers and fears
To live the music inside

For make water to spout
And to fly once more higher
And to make shine our hearts and our corps
To celebrate the love, to celebrate the death

* Dance to forget..*

To put off the bad luck
To exist just a little stronger
To change the worse for the best
To dance
To pray like a tourning dervish
For the traditions – dance
For the emotions – dance
And for to celebrate the lands or nations
Dance for the dance

*Dance to forget... *

Hééééé Hi hé hi hé hé

For to refuse to be nobody
And to resist, to become a man
For the joy of sharing
Dance for the dance
(The best of the world or what?!?!)
*Dance to forget... *
(Ewerybody yeah yeah!!!)
Dance to forget

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