June 30, 2010

Christophe Maé

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Now I want to make clear that Christophe Maé is one of my  very very favourite artists and I found him from my beloved library. I grabbed the album when I saw  it and tought " O, cool - some French singer!" and then I fell in love like so many French have done before me. I even planned to go to his gig to Paris but I was to slow and they all were sold out. So I stayed and cried alone. Oh well, I bought his latest album when I was in Paris this spring so I'm not crying anymore. :) Okay lets start properly:
Christophe Maé (his real name is Christophe Martichon) is a French singer. His trade marks are the hat, the guitar, the jumping and his whole lovely essence.  

He started with violin at the age of six and when he was 16 he began to play harmonica and guitar which are his main instruments in his albums. He had a chronic and very hard illness due to that he had to lay on the bed several months but that was the way he found Stevie Wonder and his future career was clear.

Now there is no sign of his passed illness: he keeps on dancing and jumping. In 2003 his very first album "Sa danse donne" ("His/Hers dance gives"). During years 2005 to 2007 he was part of very popular comedy musical "Le Roi Soleil" ("The Sun King" (a.k.a. Louis XIV who lived in Versailles near Paris)). Maé has also won many francophonic awards.

The second album of Maé called "Mon paradis" ("My paradise") released in 2007 and live version "Comme à la maison" ("Like at home") in 2008. And this year in March 22 published the latest album "On trace la route" ("We trace out the route").

From 2008 he has participated in Les Enfoirés a major groupe of francophonic artists. In Les Enfoirés are also following artist  that I have already intoduced in this blog: Natasha St-Pier, Garou, Grégoire and Pascal Obispo and many others. And I will tell you more at least about Alizée later.

Christophe Maé performed in a video "Désolé" ("sorry")(lyrics) in a project "Hope for Haiti" ("Espoir pour Haiti").

And today at 8pm Christophe Maé is performing in Troyes at Le Cube so this day is dedicated to Maé and I hope everything goes well. 
Check also: Maman ("Mom"), Ca fait mal ("It hurts"), On s'attache ("We fall in love"), Pourquoi c'est beau ca ("Why is it beautiful"),Dingue Dingue Dingue ("Crazy Crazy Crazy"), Mon p'tit gars ("My little boy" Dedicated to his son Jules), In "le grand soir d'Eliane et Francis with Pascal Obispo, J'ai laissé ("I have left/allowed"), Medley Acoustic, Maé dancing with Diam's at Zenith (very poor quality...), Myspace, more videos at homepage, Christophe dancing.

From Le Roi Soleil: A qui la faute ("Who to blame"),Ca marche ("It's okay"), Et vice Versailles ("And bad-mannered Versailles" or maybe a cortoition of "vice versa"..), The singers of Le Roi Soleil (in French) (Now and then in the video you can see Garou who interviews the singers in the end and thanks them), Contre Ceux D'en Haut ("Against those in high places")(Here Christophe is not but Merwan Rim and Vistoria Petrosillo do), Un geste de vous ("One gesture of you"),On TNT show, Medley On Téléthon, Christophe Maé looses his mind,

This was his first track that caught me and I just can't stop to listen to it and his unic voice...  The best music video is "Dingue dingue dingue" it's just lovely.


Du fond de ma rue
Une silhouette comme un bruit aigu
Se rapproche à hauteur de mes yeux nus
La silhouette,c'est une fille
Jour de fête nationale
Ronflante comme une escadrille
Qui domine mon morale
Je la regarde, me sourire
Je baisse la garde et les yeux pour me dire

*Belle demoiselle
Qui se presse dans l'allée
Sa démarche lui donne des ailes
Mais j'ose pas m'emballer
Si jamais je m'approche d'elle,
Aucun doute,elle
Comme une hirondelle *

Du milieu de ma rue
La silhouette comme un nuage
S'éloigne sans un bruit
Alors c'est grave
Ca se bouscule dans ma tête
Dopé à l'effet de plaire
C'est pas vraiment la fête
Pourtant j'ai l'air de lui plaire
Qu'ai-je fait au bon dieu
Pour être fidèle à cet aveu

*Belle demoiselle.. *

Inaccessible comme une hirondelle

Je calcule dans ma tête
Dopé à l'effet de plaire
C'est quand même la fête
Le fantasme qui peut distraire
Je n'suis pas parfaitpas parfait
Merci mon dieu
Mais je tire un trait sur cet aveu

*Belle demoiselle... *

In the end of my road
A silhouette like a high voice
Approaches at height of my bare eyes
The silhouette, it's a girl
The national festival day
Whirring like a flotilla
That dominates my morale
I look at her, she smiles at me
I lower my arms and the eyes say to me

*Beautiful miss
Walking down the avenue
Her gait gives her wings
If I have courage to approach her
No doubt that, she
Flies away
Like a swallow*

In the middle of my road
A silhouette like a cloud
Drawing away with no noise
It's serious then
It makes my head dizzy
I'm high because of effect of to please
Really it's no festival
Though I want to please her
What have I done my God
For to be faithful for this confession

*Beautiful miss...
Inaccessible like a swallow

I count in my head
I'm high because of effect of to please
All the same it's a festival
An illusion can distract
I'm not perfect - not perfect
Thank you my God
But I draw a line over this confession

*Beautiful miss... *

Picture is from here.

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