June 20, 2010


After a little break due to my (stupid) computer I start again with renewed pages and a new artist. Now to honor the beloved Victoria, the crown princess of Sweden, and her darling Daniel and their first day as husband and wife I decided to begin with a Swede artist called Sven Joachim "Pimme" Eriksson Thåström. He is better know just as Thåström.

Thåström is a talented lyricist, composer, singer and musician. He plays gitar, keybord and harmonica. He is now at his 50's and couldn't be better.

Along his solo career he is known as a singer in a punk band called Ebba Grön which was one of the most popular punk bands in Sweden. Now Thåströms genres beside punk are electric music, rock, hard rock and industrial rock.

Latest solo album "Kärlek är för dom" ("Love is for them") was released in 2009 on Friday the 13th! It was his seventh solo album and it was the number one on the lists. Now in 2010 his latest album was rewarded as the best album of the year and he also won the category for the lyricists.

I chose this song specially for its lyrics and the feeling that the music gives. It is powerful and so so so good!!! And a bit scary... In the music video misses a part but it is in the live version which is slower version but that makes it all the way better :)

Check also: Fan fan fan (det skulle va du)("Fuck fuck fuck (it should be you)"), Kärlek är för dom ("Love is for them"), Karenina, Om black Jim ("About Black Jim"), Balladen om briggen Blue Bird ("Ballad of brig Blue Bird"), En vacker död stad (live) ("A beautiful dead city"), Keops pyramid, Släpp aldrig in dom här ("Never let these in here"), 800 Grader (live)("800 grades")


Kan du inte byta ut ditt namn so byt planet
Du kan bli en stjärna som dom aldrig kan ta ner
Tänk att hänga högst däruppe titta ner på folk och le

Jag vill, du vill

En lycklig människa aldrig vet om på vem man slår
Han vet att spegeln är den bästa vän han nånsin får
Han tittar en gång till och John Wayne har blivit två

Jag vill, du vill

Alla vill till himmlen och
Åka limousin förstås
Alla vill till himmlen, till himmlen

Å Jesus gick på vattnet det e nåt visst med den idéen
Med två tomma händer byggde han sin månraket
En enkel man som du och jag fast med något bättre maneer

Jag vill, du vill

*Alla vill...*

Du köper din väg till himmlen
Betala kontant i himmlen
Du köper din väg till himmlen

Kan du inte byta ut ditt liv
Så byt kanal
Lyckan bytes ut lika lätt som ideal

*Alla vill...*

Can't you change your name, so change planet
You can be a star they'll never can take down
Think how fun to hang high up there to look down at people and smile

I want, you want

*Everybody wants to heaven and
Drive limousine ofcourse
Everybody wants to heaven, to heaven*

A happy man never knows who he hits
He knows that the mirror is the best friend he ever can get
He looks once more and John Wayne has become two

I want, you want

*Everybody wants.."

Jesus walked on the water there is something definite in that idea
With two empty hands he built his moon rocket
A simple man like you and me but only with a better style

I want, you want

*Everybody wants... *

You buy your way to heaven
You pay in cash in heaven
You buy your way to heaven

Can't you change your life
So change channel
Luck changes as easily as an ideal

*Everybody wants... *

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